Southport Fireworks 2013

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  1. This year’s competition will be moved to Victoria Park, home of the Southport Flower Show, due to the Kings Gardens redevelopment.
    The competitors are as follows:
    + Friday - Komodo Fireworks (2012 Champions) and Pyroartistry
    + Saturday - Sirotechnics Fireworks, Jonathans Fireworks and Sandling Fireworks
    + Sunday - Fuse Fireworks and Dragon Fireworks

    Happy to report I have just booked for the entire weekend, woo hoo
  2. RocketRev

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    Thanks for that info. A move there was considered several years ago, but not proceeded with. I suppose the next thing would be to find out where the firing site will be and then where the best photo points will be.
  3. gareth71

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    Having been to Victoria Park earlier this year for a vintage vehicle rally, I reckon it's got to be a much better venue for the event than Kings Gardens. OK, so it doesn't have the lake which adds a certain something to the shows, but apart from that it seems to be better in pretty much every way. I think I'm only going to be able to make the Friday this year, but I'm very much looking forward to seeing how it works out at the new location.
  4. Chris

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    Due to a cock up on my part, I'm only going to possibly make it to Sunday night, as I took an educated guess before the dates were published for this year and was a week out!
  5. djliam

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    Ooh, I used to work for Pyroartistry about 6 or 7 years ago. I'll have to try and get there.
  6. Chris

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    Looks like the venue change isn't the only difference this year. They are doing a slightly discounted weekend pass and also having an audience vote, although this is for fun only and won't alter/affect the judges decision. If you vote, you get put in a draw to win tickets to next year's event.
  7. The website only seems to have a print your own weekend tickets option, I would rather get actual tickets sent to me by snail mail. Any ideas peeps?
  8. gareth71

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    No ideas, other than to just turn up on the day and buy them (I know it costs an extra couple of quid, but I've never not managed to get tickets on the gate, they've never sold out on the occasions I've tried).

    But ... simply out of curiosity, can I ask why you'd prefer snail mail over electronic delivery? You're far more likely to get your tickets (Postman Plod can't lose an e-mail!), and as long as you've got access to a printer I can't think of any factors which would sway me away from printing my own tickets in favour of having them delivered by post ...
  9. I will be there all weekend too with my family. Looking forward to another great year at Southport.
  10. Recoil

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    I'm going to miss it this year, i moved my surfing trip forward a week so i could make the festival of fireworks.
    good luck to all those firing .. look fwd to seeing the footage when i'm back
  11. As someone who always visits this comepetiton in Southport, I can't wait for this weekend to come round again :D Only 3 more weeks to go!

    Hoping to be able to make at least two nights!

    Only thing im wondering is how the new venue will compare to the kings gardens as I always enjoyed the setting around the marine lake.
  12. I phoned visit Southport who put me in touch with the booking office and made my purchase over the phone. I now hold 6 weekend tickets for £95 inc booking fee it would have cost £138 if I paid on the days so I have saved myself a Supreme 6 for gfn lol. Two reasons to favour the postman firstly and most importantly my printer is kaput and secondly its just a personal thing of actually having a real ticket in my hand and not just a sheet of a4 with fading ink on it or even worse when the black has totally ran out and it starts to print in random colours.
  13. RocketRev

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    OK.... ticket booked and printed. That's my weekend accounted for!:)
    (So guess who will be doing only a Sunday morning service that weekend ;))

    The People's Vote looks interesting - voting lines are open for almost a week after the event.

    As for video - the website says video footage will be available online. (That info's on the "Peoples Voter page here ..... )
  14. Not long to go now, should be a great weekend! :)
  15. Reaction Fireworks

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    Only two more sleeps!

    Crewing for Sirotechnics on Saturday.

    See you there...
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  16. GTATTY

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    Looking forward to it. I'm also crewing with Sirotechnics :)

    TATTY :)
  17. Chesterfield Fireworks

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    Wish I could make it
  18. Same here. Alas too busy!

    Good luck everyone.
  19. luke

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    Has anyone seen any videos of last nights shows a quick search of youtube and vimeo hasn't been fruitful so far.