Rocket Space Hawks

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  1. RRP: £20 for a pack of 5 (2014)
    Category: 3 - 25m
    Class: 1.3G

    My video of 2 packs (Note: were the camera not cut off too soon then the third rocket in this clip would have red tips similar to the blue tips in the fourth rocket):

    Firework Crazy comparison of War Hawks vs Space Hawks (also shows the colours better):

    I think both are superb rocket packs but personally I prefer the War Hawks as I feel the willow effects are a lot more vivid. I've got another 15 packs of Space Hawks so should have plently of fun with those later in the year :)
  2. RRP is £33
  3. Aye correct, my apologies, the RRP is indeed £33. As a way of making up for this and as a build up for TITS here is a volley of 15 Space Hawks:

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