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  1. You need people to hear the tune, bass cabs are power hungry and big n heavy so watch where you go down that route. We got a specialist manufacturer to make us 300w tops that go down to about 40hz and only take a pair or 4 of them with an single racked amp and combi audio player for walk in or mics.
    4 cabs for 300 at a wedding is ample and 4000 audience with 8 cabinets is "too loud" according to the older clients but we aren't wasting all the power moving air with subs and it's really not missed the way it would be for a live stage job.

    For OP the Beringer self powered 15" if you buy a one or a pair cheap would work fine even something like Makie Thumps would fill the space ok, not for the audiophile but good enough for what it's for.
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    This is super helpful, thanks! Looks like I dodged a bullet as it was used gear and he wanted £550 for it which I felt was steep. It will be for the school show as PA system they have got is not suitable for music.

    Trouble is I don’t really know enough about it but also don’t want to spend the earth as it will be used very occasionally.

    I think for simplicity active will be better.

    Thanks for posting :D
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    You've interpreted that completely wrong. That SPL value is its efficiency., i.e. 101db @ 1w/1m but its just not clearly explained. Ignoring power compression that gives you 128.8dB @ 600w which is acceptable.

    Strictly speaking efficiently along with power handling (RMS/AES) is what you want. SPL is usually calculated in free-space anyway and is dependent on too many other factors such as dispersion angles and so on.

    I agree about the brand (Who??!) but a QSC2450 is around 450w/RMS @ 8 ohm. If not driven to clipping and the specs are as they say, that amp is not too powerful.

    Not a fan of Alto personally. RCF are solid. FBT not bad either from feedback I've had.
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    Now I’m confused aha! What should I buy that won’t blow the bank, will provide enough reinforcement for a couple of hundred people, speakers will be 5-10m from the crowd, fireworks will be 65 meters. Also a set up which can easily put together and connect to a laptop AUX (music and pyro script will be running from the laptop)
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    As above, myself and loads of others have had really good success with the Behringer B1520pro and an EP2400/4000 (same thing) amplifier. A pair of those will easily do few hundred.

    Eg: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224624555399
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    I'm also looking to purchase some speakers for my display next year but really only looking to spend under £50 as its for a back garden display for about 10 people so don't want to go down the route of a majorly massive mains powered speaker which would be overkill!!

    I've found these two so far :

    Outdoor Bluetooth Wireless Boombox Speaker - Canyon | CPC UK (farnell.com) which is 10 watt speaker for around £20

    Bluetooth Speaker, W-KING 30W Portable Wireless Speakers Waterproof, 24 Hours Playtime, 5000mAh Battery with Punchy Bass, NFC, TF Card, USB Playback - Loud Speaker for Home, Party, Outdoor : Amazon.co.uk: Electronics & Photo which is 30 watt speaker for around £40.

    Both of these is kinda what I'm looking for - a 'boombox' type speaker....

    Thoughts ?
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    My only thoughts are that I used a 15” 1000w speaker a couple of weekends ago with the audience not far away from it and they said that was at the right level. I personally don’t think a 30w will cut it. It’s got to be heard over fireworks pushing 100-120 decibels. When I used speakers smaller I was standing right next to them and only I could just about hear it. I’d say you need the power!
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    Yeah as above, I have done a few musicals with mediocre speakers and it just does not work like you would expect, the breaks of the fireworks just tear the sound to shreds, I went with 4 x 350W speakers powered by a 2KW AMP and it was just about right! I was going to go for 2 heavies but decided smaller lighter less powerful speakers in a more distributed array worked better for me (and storage/installation)
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    You can’t really beat the Altro TS series for power, weight and price.Avoid the Altro TX series they are crap. The Altro TS for price are ,better than the new , Chinese produced Makkie Thumps. They aren’t the quality of the old Italian made Thumps, that came out of the same factory as the RCF’s.
    RCF class, but another price bracket up ! I love my RCF’s and my Italian made Makkie legendary 350series , but they are easily double the price of the better budget end options.
    The active speaker that really has surprised me is the Behringer Euro live range, they are very good for the money. Really well balanced sound.
    The Altro are a bit top heavy, the Thumps a bit bass heavy. The Baringer Euro live about spot on.
    Ignore power, only look at RMS value , RMS 350watts and up. Most of mine are about RMS 450watts which is roughly 1000watt speaker.
    A pair of any of the above will just about do it.
    For a 2000 plus crowd we use 12 x 450w RMS .
    Now the hard bit 12” or 15” subs.
    All my 12” active I use a 15” sub on the bottom.
    The 15” actives I use stand alone.
    My preferred sound is the 12” tops with the additional 15” sub woofer, but the cost does start adding up.
    I would go with a bundle deal off e bay, speakers, stands, bags etc budget on £500-£600.
    That’s my thoughts on the actives.
    There’s some really good deals on secondhand Passive speakers, due to people switching to actives. You can get some great speakers and amps for the money. Passives i’v got a DAB rig, Peavy black widow rig, and a Makkie 350 rig. All sound class, better sound quality than the modern actives but more hassle and leads, mixing desk etc.
    Actives are easy to chuck out and daisy chain. And you can run Mike and Sound straight into them without a mixing desk.
    Don’t buy cheap crap, you will regret it !
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    Interesting to see how others do it. Just be careful with active speakers outside really is my only comment to anyone choosing this route.

    Just a look on ebay for any half decent used PA speakers. Prices are way higher than they were a few years ago.