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  1. Stock arriving on an almost daily basis now and thought you'd like to know about some special offers, some of which we only have limited quantities of;

    30 x Black Hawk Rockets - a new flash powder rocket from Black Cat £119.99
    48 x Pulsar Rockets (3 sizes) - don't be fooled by their size, these are flash powder rockets £89.99 (limited quantity)
    Jurassic Storm - Skycrafter so you'd expect it to be half price/bogof but you get a pack of 2 for £89.99 which is well under half the SRP (limited quantity)
    Distant Thunder - another Skycrafter product, you get 2 for £99.98 so well under half the SRP (limited quantity)
    Magneto Burst - a Brothers 49 shot 30mm cake and only £39.99 (limited quantity)
    Shindig Selection Box - we are giving away free a pack of Benwell Master Blaster Rockets (48 rockets SRP £75) with the Shindig Selection Box £99.99
    Godfather, Maximum Showtime & Beat Thy Neighbour - get all 3 Brothers compound fireworks for just £445
    Titus - 200 shot by Absolute Fireworks. 50 shots tends to be the optimum size for distribution of flash in a 30mm cake and Titus is made up of 4 of them - weighs over 30kg £249.98

    Free delivery to most of the UK for orders over £250.

    Jordans Fireworks
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