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  1. If there’s one thing I can’t abide it’s plagiarism. New Gemstone brochure on the left, Love Fireworks website on the right. If you’re gonna rip something off at least ask first or change the colours and/or font! That’s one order for them lost this year.

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    Not even any attempt to disguise the fact that they've nicked it lock, stock and barrel from your site. Shameless.
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  3. I've found pages from our website copied word for word on many websites over the years.
  4. Ultimate in f***ing laziness if you ask me. Get your own ideas and use your own designs. Not the first time it’s happened and I’m sure it won’t be the last but I’m gonna name and shame everyone from now on.
  5. I find many of my images on other websites, It happens, take it as a compliment and chill.. :D
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  6. I'm sorry but. no, I can't. Not this time. We all pay good money for our websites and intellectual property (well, some do anyway). To have them blatantly ripped off and used else where because someone just can't be arsed to do it themselves or pay for it isn't something I can just let go any more.
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    Oh thats an awkward conversation I can see on the horizon!
  8. Happens to me all the time, the number of videos my logo and product descriptions.i have seen on websites and Facebook. A lot of retailers are watching other retailers websites ;):rolleyes:
  9. I'm sure they are Wayne. And I can easily see how a retailer could 'mistakenly' link to a video of yours rather than one from the retailer itself. I've nearly done it myself a few times!

    But this is blatant copying/stealing that's gone to print and, having been the subject of plagiarism in the past, I've had to raise it. Maybe we're all a bit too 'oh well, it happens - deal with it'. Not me. I mean, we all have similar 'site layout' diagrams on our websites. But they're all slightly different in the design. It's not hard to write original copy for a website either. If people are copying your text then more fool them - that's not great for their SEO!
  10. A very large Essex based non firework company ripped off one of our products and used our text on their packaging - even down to "Flash Harrys Top Tips"

    And beat this - they used the manufacturing press that we own in China to make them.
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    lovefireworks are you sure you didnt copy them ;)
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  12. Now that's taking it to another level! :eek::eek:
  13. Considering our website dropped mid-2020 and the brochure landed today.......I'm fairly sure yeah!
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    Happens in all sectors. The amount of times I've heard "well it was on the internet so thought it was OK" must be into the hundreds.
    I've had copyright content that I have created appear in GCSE exam papers without consent... Japanese TV shows too. Trouble is I can't afford a £1000/hr lawyer to come after them and they probably know that. Usually I just send a cease and desist and they take it down but if it's in print then it's too late.
    The clever buggers are the ones that trace an image, or invert it so you know it's yours but they have done just enough to be legal!
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  15. COPIED from a web article on the subject:

    "The obvious answer for businesses who want the benefits of good content, but who don’t want the hassle of producing it, or the expense of paying someone else to create it, is to find other websites who have good content and to copy theirs. Copying text from other websites is extremely easy – select all and copy. Copying images is just as easy – right click and save as. Using this approach, you can potentially add a new page to your website in less than 5 minutes.

    That is one of the worst things that you can do to your business’s website. Practically all content published online is covered by copyright law and the penalties are the same as if you published a duplicate of someone else’s book under your name or if you used a photo someone else took on your printed promotional material without paying them. It’s a myth that “because it’s online it doesn’t matter”. It matters just the same. The fines are just the same."
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  16. You know, It's not the fact they've lifted it straight from the website, it's the fact they didn't ask first. I'm a nice guy and I would have probably said yes anyway. :)
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  17. A nice ‘image courtesy of love fireworks’ would have been a nice touch.
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    To be honest I always thought that there must be some sort of agreement between some retailers with the number of copied vids i've seen. :eek:
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    Don't get me started on this :eek:

    It's so sad when people steal your work. I've had just about everything stolen in 20+ years of running UKFR including video, images, content and even domain names which someone tried to extort money out of me for their return.

    We live in a different world now though, services exists where for a fee you can have a suitably qualified solicitor go after copyright infringements and sue on a no fee basis, whether that's images or video. Some services even actively scan social media for your images and video.
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    Not sure what posting here is going to do to help you? Talk to a lawyer?