St Mary's Mqabba

Discussion in 'Firework Events And Displays' started by Locky Smith, Jul 18, 2018.

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  2. scoops

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    I see sore fingers plugging in that little lot:D
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  3. beeney

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    how long are they going to last in the display? Compared to the man hours put in to prepare and set up?

    My fingers are herting just looking at that lot! :eek:
  4. blackbat

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    And manufacture!
  5. We have a ukfr tour of the site setup, including the 30m tower on the morning of the show. Last year's theme was Disney, unfortunately I'm not privy to this year's theme. I will miss the show itself as I'll be 4km down the road at St Mary's Qrendi. If I had one wish, it would be that seven absolutely huge shows were not on the same night, totally spoilt for choice.
    Ps, don't be to gutted you miss this @argentc, I'm sure we will be suitably entertained ;);)
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  6. ambientskies

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    THANK YOU!! :love:
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  7. Damp Squib

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    What I love about this shot - apart from the composition of course;) - is the feed bag at the back on the right. Integral to pyro manufacture in Malta, where nothing goes to waste.

    Three weeks to go ...
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  8. FB_IMG_1533673005336.jpg
    57m tower. 1 week today.
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  9. blackbat

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    Looks like they are building a crane :). Will they fix stuff on after the tower is completed? It looks a little "light" at the moment...
  10. We'll post some close-ups on Saturday :), firing next tuesday if you can swing a sickie Justin;)
  11. blackbat

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    Ha! I wish :rolleyes:
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  12. argentc

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    Shame to be missing this - arriving about 4 hours too late!
  13. Ouch, I hope you guys flights are going to be ok. Fortunately I'm Air Malta.
  14. FB_IMG_1533833614889.jpg
    I'm not sure why he's not smiling, maybe nerves. You wouldn't believe how friendly this guy is, and he's got the most infectious giggle possible.
  15. All the shells, apart from the ones behind Martin and Myself are for the 15th Colin
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  16. ambientskies

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    Thanks again Ben, top man!!
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  17. A pleasure mate.
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