Stage pyro whoopsie

Discussion in 'Fireworks Forum Chat And Discussion' started by Dayle Ward, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. elmo

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    Ever the professional:D
  2. Jon Coles

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    Didn’t miss a beat!!
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  3. Too much hairspray i think, lol. I cant get over how he just doesn't seem to notice.
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  4. Jon

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    Broke the roady rule, never stand still on stage....
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  5. blackbat

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    Is it me or does this look staged...
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  6. Damp Squib

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  7. hofnerite

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    They are definitely on stage. ;)
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  8. Quasar

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    That's nothing compared to what James Hetfield from Metallica went through in 1992 :confused:

  9. Jon

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    Horrible horrible horrible. I remember when I was young I was playing with a bonfire in the garden, watching twigs crackle and burn up. There was some big burnt logs which had turned to charcoal at the base which I thought looked really cool so I grabbed one out....instant pain as soon the air touched my hand....still remember watching my hand blister in front of my eyes...
  10. Da Main Mouse

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    I feel your pain, forging a knife a few months ago, jumped out of my tongs bounced off the wall and wiped a quick flick over my nose, instantly dripping plasma and a nice big scab for 2 weeks.