standard £1.00 box , rare !

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    Thanks Steve, didn’t actually know they used plastic as early as that
    as I thought they used a wooden spike as did some of the British companies,
    seen some early pains items with wooden spikes, yes very lucky there Steve,
    items this early are like gold dust.
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    Bloody gorgeous that mate.
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    Absolutely fantastic. Thanks for posting these superb photos Steve.
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  4. Thank you for posting. What a wonderful and unusual collection. I remember my Dad telling me that post-WW2 some fireworks were plainly finished as the companies had to the use whatever they could get. I guess there are a few examples here. The Triangle Wheel with the plain card body is very unusual as is the Roman Candle with Snowflake Stars. Again, thanks to SS for showing these.
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    I did some research for Steve to try and date the box.......he asked me to put what I found on here.
    In the box there was a users guide leaflet, on the back of this there was the picture shown in this advert.
    1946 oct 23 standard397.jpg

    From Martins advert site we know this advert was used in 1935 and again 1946. The box is made from what was known as utility grade card introduced in the wartime economy drives and used for several years after the war. The card and the label place this as postwar production, so it would be reasonable to assume the box dates from somewhere near to 1946. On the advert in Martins site there is some extra information added to bottom of this advert.......this information states that due to shortages all fireworks will be sold at 25% above marked value on the fireworks.

    Standard Advert - 1946 Retail - You Just Cant Beat Them (2).jpg

    On adding up the contents of the box Steve is getting a figure of around 16/- allowing a small amount of guesswork on a few items that are not priced ..... 25% added to 16/- gives an extra 4/- which gives the box price total of 20/- or a £1 .
    This 25% markup was done in 1946 and 1947 and cancelled according to a 1948 advert in 1948.
    The box seems to have a mix of early postwar and a few pre war items as you would expect from a box of that period. As a rule of thumb there were no 11/2d or 3d Standard Fireworks pre WW2.
    Unless anyone knows any different I would strongly suggest this bax dates to 1946 or possibly carried over into the 1947 season......
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    thank you kevin for your time you have put in to ageing this box. really well explained . I just have say I am not adding up the contents
    again. ! lol
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    I just have say I am not adding up the contents
    again. ! lol

    Don't blame you, far too cold to have your socks off, save counting for the warmer months :D
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    too true kevin,, it gets complicated when you only have nine toes , lost one when I was 17 , In a motor bike accident .
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    Times like these make you thankful for this subsection: fireworks, historical info and nostalgia all wrapped up into one.

    Thanks again all, always learning and ever marvelling :)
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    I love the nostalgia section. Best place to hang out.
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    this is the users guide leaflet , which came in the late 40s £1.00 box , on this post .
    a bit late ! same picture as kevins adverts , above . which helped age the box .