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  1. Thanks for the picture of the Telstar Escht, I bet you've got a box full of those haven't you? Great simple design on the label, never had a live one, always wanted one mwaaaaahhh!!! All my toys are out of the pram and on the floor now! LOL
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    Always liked the spider design on the Wells wheel
  3. Jamie Thornton

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    How old are those standard blister packs of bangers firecat?.
  4. Hi Jamie,
    The Packs of 7 (Cannon and Little Demon) are from the 1960's and the 3-2-1 Zero's are from the mid to late 1970's.
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    Thanks firecat, was guessing the 60s/70s, like the design of those canons even though they are a bit before my time, I have a standard airbomb repeater marked 12p from the early 70s in my collection and also a retrojet marked 6p from around the same era, love the designs of the labels, most of them had not changed for years, I remember a lot of them from the eighties.
  6. Is it the AB Repeater that says 'push pointed end firmly into the ground' instead of 'fix upright in soft earth'?
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    Hi firecat, I will check it out and get back to on that one, definitely early 70s know that.
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    Yes, all it says at the bottom is push pointed end firmly into ground, light blue touch paper and stand well away, will try and upload a pic of it.
  9. Cheers Jamie, I'd like to see that.
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    Hi firecat, will get a photo uploaded for you sometime tommorow.
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    The photo of 1970s AB repeater as promised, enjoy.

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  12. The large Standard Rockets were really good, everything from 2ozs and above. My favourites were the 4oz items with the picture labels, Parachute Chain. Whistles and Snakes and the like. When I was in my early teens, these cost 5/- then in the 60's, they were 7/6d. then 10/- each and eventually 60p. 75p then by size. I do have an 8oz Standard Festoon Rocket but it has no label unfortunatley. Thanks for putting this pic on: Great memories.
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  13. Try these two then, they are 1930's 2005-07-01 00.12.55.jpg
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    Ron. Any chance of you posing a photograph of the Standard festoon rocket mentioned in your post? I'd love to see that. Which era is it from? Thanks , Chris
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    The little demons were still available through most of the 70's.