Standard Connoisseur Selection Box

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    Anyone familiar with the contents? Not sure I have any literature with this box in
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  2. Escht

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    Let me check through what's here, might be something......
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    Thank you
  4. Escht

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    Found this in the 1999 retail catalogue.

    STANDARD CONN550.jpg
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    In 2000-2001 makro was selling those for around £100. Think rrp was £150.
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  6. That would have been the later box. The design above was 97-99.
  7. Unusually a mixture of both Standard British and Chinese, Brocks and Black Cat.
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  8. I can see Black Cat stuff in there too!
  9. Yeah same as the brochure. I will get an "unboxed" photo at some point.
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    It upsets me to see stuff like this. The days when proper Standard stuff was no more and instead we got all this chinese tat. :(
  11. Oh dear I am sorry.
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    Thanks for posting Joss, that would have certainly been a great box at the time.

    Yes I know this came at the time when we lost all of our British made fireworks we all know and love but I feel to the younger generations they mean a lot and deserve to be in a collection

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    Absololutely. Just coming from a personal viewpoint being an old blue touchpaper child. I still love them in their own chinesey context. Better to have some fireworks than non eh. I'll be buying loads of cheap chinesey selection boxes this year no doubt. Hypocrite that I am. Keep the posts coming.

    At least when Standard went chinese they tried hard to keep a lot of the items looking as they did back in the day. The fanned fountains and roman candle bouquets, the wheels and even keeping Devil Amongst The Tailors. Even using blue tissue paper wrapped around the visco. The mines look similar too and some of the candle bundles kept that triangular format. At least they tried. I am just sad that it had to be this way.
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  14. They are all just Chinese made versions of the blue touch stuff. There is one lonely blue touch fountain in there. Same names, same designs etc. I have the next size down, Fantasia, as a project box, which is the British version from a mere 3 years earlier.
  15. Tinderbox

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    Scarlet Cascade per chance with the BTP?
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  16. Tinderbox

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    That Brock's Giant Rainbow looks original.
  17. Scarlet Cascade (BP) and Giant Rainbow are both Standard items that have been over labelled at Huddersfield. They did this to go in the Brock's International boxes, any left over stock made it into Party boxes such as this connoisseur.
    I've also seen Brock's items over stickers to be Standard.
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  18. A mixture of Chinese Standard, Brocks and Black Cat, seems they were using up old stock to fill the box.
  19. Yes, they certainly did. Just used whatever fit the bill and was knocking around in the packing sheds in Huddersfield. Cosmic/ Golden Lion was the same, especially the big boxes.