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    Looks fascinating...
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  3. I found it a few weeks ago and forgot all about it.Luckily i had bookmarked it and spotted it last night.I was looking for old maps of the magical area of Lepton and Crosland hill at the time and it popped up :)
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    Came across it a few months back, I have book marked it
    to my history,
    very fascinating indeed.
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    Keep meaning to get over there and go through this lot.
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  6. I used to go to a caravan accessories shop in/at Crossland hill, but got fed up with all the speed cameras around there, always though about Standard fireworks though when up there.
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  7. I missed out on trips to Standards factory in the 80s when the Rotary club went to pick up our display crates through School and later work commitments .I drove the lads mad asking every detail on the factory and its workings .I had many trips to Kimbolton's factory in later years and had a few cups of tea with Ron and a walk around tour now and then but obviously KFs is only a very small size operation to Standards in its heyday :)
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  8. standard and brocks, the stuff of childhood dreams.
  9. I was hoping for snow today to give me an excuse, (aka valid reason) to go for a mooch around up there and see whats still visible.

    I was also hoping for snow on the ground on new years eve - but country file weather forecast says no! That programme took a serious nose dive when john craven left.
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  10. John Cravens Newsround brings back some memory's .Just hoping there was some firework content on his or Blue Peter around the magic 5th was always exciting stuff :)
  11. I remember a 70s "for schools and colleges" TV programme with Louise Hall Taylor and James Earl Adair called "Watch" that had piece on Ron Lancaster and Kimbolton at his original factory. I remember it vividly but would like to see it again though imagine it has been wiped years ago.

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  12. At the risk of derailing the thread completely.. anyone remember the original 'HOW; with fred dineage, jack hargreaves and bunty somebody.

    the script was always the same - fred dineage showing how to basically destroy something, vinegar and bi carb in a cigar case was tame.
    jack hargreaves showing how to build a bear trap or tickle trout.

    then there was the awful remake with gaz top (sounds like a camping stove) showing how to build world peace and harmony.

    now theres an even worse version!
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  13. blackbat

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    I certainly do! From the 70s, as I was only a few months old when it started :)
  14. Yes, i remember it well!, Bunty James was the female presenter and there was also Jon Miller, i think that's right.
  15. Jack Hargreaves had his own show i recall at one point doing fishing and country type pursuits .I seem to remember him sat in the gypsy type rounded caravan tying fly's for fly fishing :)
  16. Out of Town was Jack's regular Friday evening show on Southern Television.
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  17. That was the one Peter :)
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  18. Scrumping with Jack :)
  19. I can not get the Fast Shows Bob Flemming and friends out of my head after watching Jack again .....
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