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  1. Escht

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    Anyone got the following items, live and in good condition please.
    PM me with prices.
    So for the Garden Pack seen below I need a Pin Wheel and a Silver Fountain

    For a size 25 Aerial Pack seen below I need to find
    A contents picture if possible for size 25 pack, not sure how accurate this one is, the launcher tube might be wrong, if correct then I need one of those.
    The repeater is wrong definately, I need the Air Bomb Repeater version
    Need a Green Shooting Star, also the Screecher.

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  2. Escht

    Escht Supports UKFR

    no longer need the Green Shooting Star.........
  3. Escht

    Escht Supports UKFR

    Silver Fountain now sorted..

    Still after the Pin Wheel Red non plastic centre type , Air Bomb Repeater and if correct then a Rocket Firing Tube
    I have located a Screecher so don't need that anymore...
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  4. Escht

    Escht Supports UKFR

    Still need the repeater that goes in the size 25 aerial pack, think I now have the correct size 1/2 orange launcher tube for it , just picked up the correct silver fountain for the garden pack and think I have the correct pin wheel coming for the garden pack..both packs would appear to date to around 1977 or 1978.