Standard New Year Rocket pack

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  1. elmo

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    AE3820FC-574A-4ACA-B515-13330806F080.jpeg came across these today, can anyone date and value?
    Very unique, never seen them before, and yes the black and red one is supposed to be that shape:)
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  2. Pyro Pete

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    What interesting rockets, you wonder how the angled one could ever possibly fly straight!
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  3. blackbat

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    Pre-2003, based on the Columbia shuttle! It's the one that failed on re-entry :(.
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  4. hofnerite

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    The red and blue ones are the old Panda Ghost rockets by the look of it.

    The other two are pretty unique! :eek:
  5. Never seen these before or the box, the red and blue ones definitely look like Panda Ghost Rockets but the other two look a bit German in design, i wonder if someone just put these in the box as i have never seen anything like these and why would Standard be selling Panda rockets unless they were made in the same factory, would love to know more about these.
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  6. We just found this old post, specifically the post below:

  7. Escht

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    Think I found the original brochure/ flyer for this pack yesterday whilst going through boxes of brochures and posters.
    Out on a vintage pyro pick at the moment but will dig it out later when I get home
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  8. Sufjan1986

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    Always wanted to get my hands on one of those packs. Childhood nostalgia maybe.

    If one ever comes up for sale.........;)
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  9. Pyromania

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    I’ve still got a Red Devil rocket that dear old Bob gave me (yes - gave me - for free! Don’t tell Nigel FFS!! ;)) when I was spending my hard earned pocket money with him one Saturday about 25 years ago...!

    Could never bring myself to fire such an unusual beast, so it resides in the collection now thankfully.

    Are you sweeping the far corners of the mags out at the minute Colin?? You seem to be churning up some right gems!!
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  10. Escht

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    here's the leaflet...... nothing on the other side
    STANDARD new year leaflet861.jpg
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  11. I thought they were of German origin, Comet also made several rockets for Astra in their last few years, i think i had all of them one year.
  12. Tinderbox

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    Definately German. All of them. Imported and relabeled for various companies. Fiestel & Benwell I seem to remember sold these. Made by one of the big three German manufacturers Comet or Nico or possibly Weco. 80's early 90's. Not made by Standard in the UK. The wonky one spins like a tornado on it's way up.

    Always thought the Columbia one was in bad taste sinxe the Challenger disaster in 86. Strange that the Columbia shuttle actually looked like a skyrocket during the 2003 re-entry disaster. A weird rocket to decide to make. Granted it was probably made before either of these events.
  13. ufo


    The right one is called, Satan rocket and is ,originialy, made by Comet GMBH, introduced in 1987. all rockets are made by Comet by the way. The left one is the same but probably made under license by Standard Fireworks , never seen a bleu one before in Germany and the Netherlands.
    The Columbia rocket was introduced in 1985 and the one on the lefthadside is the Skydriver rocket, introduced in the early '90. there was also one made by Nico feuerwerk.
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  14. ufo


    A link to the movie from a skydriver rocket,
  15. Pyro Pete

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    Great info and video @ufo - thanks. The rockets actually take off and fly reasonably straight!
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  16. It spins as it flies but no burst charge, just scatters the stars.
  17. They came with party poppers in the box too, look to be missing from the top photo.
  18. ufo


    You're right Peter the Germans called those rocktes "schütraketen" all those rockets have a light plop instead a burst like the most rocktes now a days.
  19. Escht

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    Found this 1993 leaflet amongst the paperwork I have here

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  20. Tinderbox

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    Did all of Standard's starburst effect Sky Rockets use that soft blackpowder bouquet style of break? All the ones I ever had did. Except for the Lunar and Solar type rockets which were crammed with flash.