Standard New Year Rocket pack

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    Good Rockets , I used quite a lot of them...
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    I think Standard's old Skyrockets will always remain my fave. Big whoosh, gold tail, long ascent and quiet display. Not all the effects were brilliant. Most rather short lived but there were a few they made that were just stunning with huge hang times. One in particular that I saw when I was a kid on a local common. A friend's dad had this rocket that at the time looked enormous to me. I asked for a closer look and it was one of those classic cone headed shaped rockets. Don't ask for any details as it was dark and I was about 8 but I noticed the Standard name on the label. Went up for what seemed like ages, arced over and with a softh "thup" spilled out gold tendrals that reached almost to the ground and left gold dust hanging in the air for an eternity. Oh the days.
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  3. It makes them spin, and they fly surprisingly straight.. I had some black head rockets with a similar angled motor.The ones with the black plastic ball shell header
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    Angular Momentum, Torque and Gyroscopic Inertia. Once something is in rotation at speed it keeps it's orientation until an outside force intervenes. Newton's first law of motion. That's why gyroscopes are used to create a fixed horizon in guidance systems for planes and missiles. You probably already knew that but I just wanted to sound dead brainy.
  5. All the older type British made ones did, just scattered the stars with no loud bang, the later ones, Mega, Solar and Lunar were flash heavy!, regularly set off car alarms!
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    I wonder why the shift occurred, was it purely Chinese production and mixtures, did regs change to allow it, or chemicals became cheaper? I’m an advocate of both. But just wondered when flash powder started on the scene.

    Those first fired rockets with a flash comp burst charge must have been amazing to witness. After being used to the less potent star burst prior to that anyway.
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    Labour and chemicals much cheaper in the far east. Simple as.

    I remember my first flash rocket like it was yesterday. It was a Standard Lunar rocket. All plastic body. It was a new design by them that I hadn't seen before so I had to try one. I remember popping the black nose cone off to investigate the contents. Expecting to see the familiar cylindrical pumped stars with a teaspone of black powder, instead there were round rolled stars coated in a greyish metalic dust that got everywhere. pushed the sponge disc back in and popped the nose cone back on. When it came to lighting it went with a whopping boom and covered the sky. Went back the next day and bought 3 more. All my birthday money gone but well spent.

    You can't get away from flash rockets now. I really wish someone would make some large quiet boquet rockets again. They'd need to have a decent hang time to compensate for the lack of explosive force but I think there is a market for them. A niche one but they'd sell well so long as the customer was aware of what the difference was. I think we'd sell loads in our shop. Get asked for quiet stuff all the time and stock a fairly good selection except rockets. Never come accross a low noise rocket worth selling.
  8. Would love to see effects like Tadpoles, Snakes and Whistles, Electric Stars and Snowflakes again, unique effects you no longer see, they didn't need a huge burst charge to be effective.
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    Don't forget shrapnel, Peter :)
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  10. And Parachute Chains but i don't think we will ever see those again!
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    What was the Shrapnel effect?
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    Around a dozen bangs, air bomb units I assume.
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    Flash powders have been around since the age of photography. The first type was introduced in 1887 in photography and it quickly found it's way into fireworks. Though, due to it's insane power and instability in the early days it caused many accidents just in the photography arena alone. It wasn't until the reliable and financially viable production methods of Potassium Perchlorate that they were able to make a stable form of metal flash powders. The extra oygen in the Perchlorate makes it a lot more forgiving than touchy, short-fused, aggressive Chlorate which will pretty much get angry with whatever you mix it with.

    Not really a fan of flash myself. Much prefer good old BP.
  14. There were three sizes of rocket with Shrapnel, 9, 12, and 15 so the bigger the rocket, the more bangs that were in it and they were loud!, Pains/Wessex also did a Shrapnel Rocket which had 5 bangs.
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    I have the size 15 shrapnel rocket with the flat end, no stick just the actual rocket head, just as well, it sits very nice in the display cabinet and is amongst the few of my favourite items, I had also had the pains Wessex shrapnel rocket head which I let go and regret doing so now.
  16. I have the complete size 15 Shrapnel rocket and two fired Pains/Wessex ones.
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    I came across Jonathan's Fireworks 1.4g Super Star rockets recently. They give the bouquet type burst expected from a 1.4g rocket rather than a 1.3g spherical burst however also give a secondary effect and these were both surprising and unexpected with a few unusual effects that I have seen forum members request time and time again. As far as 1.4g rockets go I personally think they would be hard to beat.

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    hmmmmm. Meh. I've seen stuff from supermarkets just as good. There's no hangtime. All short duration bog standard effects you get out of everything else. Crackle puts me right off to start with. Over-used and same old same old. Fish, falling leaves, short burning coloured stars and chrysanthemmum crackle. Does nowt for me I'm sorry to say. Not a patch on the old rockets that used proper spritzel glitters, firefly brocades, spinners etc etc. Just more cheap Chinese crap IMHO.
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    Quite right, just more cheap Chinese crap with the authentic snap crackle and pop, not a patch on the old classic British rockets at all, yes the unique glitters etc right down to the solid card crimped motors that allowed the big unique whoosh of the classic rockets, they were the proper rockets in my opinion.
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    proper rockets , Jamie !
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