Standard New Year Rocket pack

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  1. Even the smaller British rockets were good, effects like Animated and Streamer Stars that you don't see any more, all the companies made great rockets back then, not all even had a burst, some just had a tail but we all still enjoyed them!
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    I tend to avoid 1.4g rockets as they almost always disappoint but I must say that the Super Star rocket pack was the first which made me question the hazard class. If there are better modern-day 1.4g rockets available I would like to see them purely out of curiosity.
  3. Is the time now right for a skilled U.K. enthusiast to start his own small scale 'cottage industry' hand making quality products that could sell in small numbers at a premium price to the real enthusiasts of 50's 60's fireworks?
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    I like that idea @paul lennon - even the possibility of bespoke effects. But I think the CE bollocks would prevent it? (Having to get it all tested and certified at a cost of £££).
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    Resurrecting pyro of former days? From a pyro person emotional perspective - GREAT - from virtually every other - oops?...Time - that's very hard to source. Labour - either human or robot - tough. Nostalgia - we all love a vintage car or any other trip down memory lane - but we drive modern cars and live now. The laws, regs, statutes etc, not to mention a ZILLIONS costs associated with this undertaking ? Remember you'll have to insure against those who choose to eat your fireworks, and those who have their display on their bed whilst smoking heck knows what. If the Revd, our very own Obi Wan Kenobi of pyro with all his contacts, knowledge and ethic can't make things work...A great question, but sadly unless you're Bill Gates or similar - best to keep it as a - great ideal and a hypothetical proposition !?! As an aside - pyro - for all its cottage / rustic / little paper tubes image is *exceedingly* technical if done "correctly" - as is clear by reading the various literature.
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    Yes CE would kill it before it could begin... in the same way as Kimbolton, Sandling etc can no longer build big Catherine wheels or candle bouquets.
    Still, after Brexit (if it ever happens) who knows? - we may revert to BS where manufacture could happen again at a reasonable cost.
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    That's the point and if these are the best low noise rockets out there... As I said, never come across a low noise rockets worth selling.
  8. When it lifts off it spun like a corkscrew I remember this rocket pack