Standard "spike" shot tubes/air bombs, and their effects

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  1. Parachute Floating Lights were my favourite firework until they banned them, luckily i still have a box of three singles and one double, thanks for the picture of the Flying Saucer, Kevin, i have never seen one before and can't ever remember seeing them in the shops or i would have bought one.
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  2. C5A56058-9658-4D6E-BB3F-CB940100905F.jpeg Here’s a Telstar. The effect was (on a damaged one I saw fired) a large glitter tailed bombette to glitter break - well more of a phut but still very nice.
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    Those rockets were Malaysian Imports as were Standard's Bazooka Double-Effect Air Bomb (pink visco direct to lift charge, which incidentally was being passed off as the primary effect in the description). I remember being very excited when I first bought a box of Bazooka. Little did I know that it was the first signs of the inevitable. had I known, my excitement would have quickly changed to tears. Astra began importing from Malaysia at about the same time and then everything went Chinese. Oh if we had a time machine...
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    Airbomb coloured fountain followed by a shell that went bang and a pretty good one.
    Screecher was a hummer it was pretty hit and miss but I loved it.
    Jetscream had a fantastic artwork on the tube a firey blast with "jetscream" in the middle. In truth it was just a whistle with an orange tail that as time went on just became a whisper.
    Floodlight was a fountain followed by a single shot that I would say was magnesium burning, very bright and quiet.
    Astrolight was similar to floodlight but popped something out, cant remember what as its almost 40 years ago.
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    I think the astrolite as I recall was the silver bright magnesium tail similar to the floodlight which burst into a small group of red and green stars.
  6. Single shot version of the Star Shell.
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    One thing I will never understand about these collection pieces is that nothing lasts forever, one day we will all once again be dust everything we know will be dust everything that ever was will be dust.............. light the bloody things and enjoy them before everything becomes dust......I am looking at you the people who still have live Dizzle Dazzle Bang's left, but to everyone else, gather people around and light them let people enjoy them and smell them for years afterwards. Stashing them away unfired will only lead to one thing, unfired fireworks that just turn to dust.
  8. Well, it's not just firework collectors, is it? Tho I know vintage fireworks command a pretty penny nowadays.

    I suggested replicas of BT fireworks, clearly marked as such, that could be fired just like back in the day, many moons ago.

    Having been a collector for some 50 years ( mostly comics and vinyl records ) I can tell you the collectors market is super fickle.

    Obviously there are certain objects of iconic pop culture that will always be collectible, and I'd like to think a younger generation will turn on to Blue Touchpaper pyro.

    But I shan't be holding my breath any day soon......
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    I for one would definitely like to see a return to a range of such items to get that nostalgic feel of such uniqueness in both design and effects and also for younger generations to see what British traditional fireworks were like back in the day as we older gens remember, but under the current political situation in the UK its very unlikely to happen if ever.
    Here are a few “soon to turn to dust items” being fired.
  11. would you like to look at my knuckle duster collection ?
  12. I get that not lighting a firework could be seen as like not driving a car. But, each to their own. You could apply that same logic to just about anything; and the world would be significantly poorer for it. Compared to modern pyro the effects are pretty tame, so better to preserve something of historic value IMO. But for a pyro collector it's about nostalgia; the smell, the names, the labels, happy memories from years ago.
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    Im a boxer so yeah why not.
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  15. that's ok with me !
  16. ^^^ That's the mistake I made ^^^

    Back in the day, I let off loads of different air bombs, bangers, mini rockets, etc and bought them by the boatload. I foolishly took them for granted that they'd always be on sale every year for the rest of my life. It never occurred to me at the time that these smashing objects of amusement & desire would be ripped away from us almost overnight. Felt like a death to an extent because I never really had the chance to save a dandy collection.

    A large part of life is about love, regrets and personal achievements. This is one major regret on my part (and for many others) where the chance of saving something that I loved was squandered by being cheated out of it by the spoilsport government. You could say that I felt like Shilton against Maradona.
  17. Keep taking the meds Blue Devil......:cool::D
  18. :D These are the meds I'm currently on ...

  19. Unbelievably, when I was 6 or 7 I had a mate whose parents owned a Toy shop.
    Of course, at the appropriate time of year they stocked fireworks, which arrived in tea chests. H&S? Pah!
    After the tea chests were emptied and all the lovely pyros sold, us kids noticed there was lots of black powder at the bottom of the chests. So we'd empty it out, into rolled up paper in an attempt to make our own fireworks.
    Sadly it never worked: what we didn't realise was the "black powder" was obviously tea......:D:p:cool: