Standard "spike" shot tubes/air bombs, and their effects

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  1. that's good
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    I never fully appreciated the classic Standard selection boxes until recently.
    Thanks Tony B & JayT for educating me. Now I can join in with this stuff a bit.. IMG_5408.JPG IMG_5409.JPG
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    second picture posted wrong way round (from phone), but still I'm sure we get the idea. ha
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  4. I hate standing on my head ! don't believe tony b , he is a crook ! and a brocks collector , not that you would think so , with all that
    lovely standard gear he has .
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    man who calls himself Standard Steve yet has Lion, Brocks , Wessex and Pains stashed away should be careful where he strikes lighted match to find his way in the dark...........
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    can we vote a new name for steve from the following options
    1) Lion steve
    2) Brocks steve
    3) wessex steve
    4) pains steve
    5) Amalgamated steve
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  7. you've missed , wallop steve . lol .
    funny you've mentioned matches in the dark , weve had two power cuts in the last week , ( yes the bills where paid )
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    think Rainbow Steve would annoy you even more !
  9. your right kevin, cant do with any of that carry on ! lol .
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    All this thread is doing is making me want to buy more BT :) :)
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    I remember one oddity which I always thought should not have had a spike - it was the "big" Size 2.5 Standard Traffic Light (not the much more common smaller Size 1.5 box item), which IIRC came with a black spike? (Crikey it was over 40 years ago lol).

    I even remember at the time thinking, "what business has a nice old fountain like a Traffic Light got having a ground spike?" :D
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    Heh!!! Amazing!
    Thanks very much, lovely to see that again! :cool: