Standard vanguard van

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    I saw this yesterday on my bike ride home a full size version of the limited edition model car that standard had made. Complete with a collection of vintage fireworks and selection boxes in the back. Really friendly owner and a yard full of interesting and unusual vehicles. If you do find the original model car apparently they fetch around £800 each.
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    great picture, well spotted . ( ya couldn't really miss thigh ! ) what make of van is it ?
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    Standard is the make of van - with model being Vanguard ?
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    Brilliant! I want one :)
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    so do I .
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  6. Vanguard is the type of van, standard fireworks had models made, this is a full size replica of a promotional toy car.
  7. The van is a Standard Vanguard built by the Standard Motor Company, nothing to do with the firework company, they later amalgamated with Triumph before being dropped as a name when BMC took over who later became British Leyland, i guess Standard decided to use this vehicle as they both used the same name.