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    John, I noticed the rapid burn of the BTP on that rocket too. It also looks to be fairly windy so this may have been a factor? Certainly didn't give the bloke much time to step back.

    On the German motors, they do seem to use a multi-stage method in a lot of their designs. I've tried a few over the years. Some give a big core burner thrust and then change to either titanium or big bushy charcoal and sometimes both in a 3 stage effect. Some of the Zink's have a very similar Standard style motor with a big core burn 'whoosh' with a big bushy tail all the way up. A good example of a manufacturer considering the motors to be part of the spectacle rather than just a means to get it up there. I once had a mixed size pack of Weco Hong Kong Nights from Great Northern. Small to medium rockets. They all had charcoal core burners.

    There's really no need for highly efficient end burners in firework rockets. Not in consumer goods. For me, if you're going to make rockets, they should be as magical as you can make them and it all starts with the motor. These are fireworks after all. Not signal flares. Fireworks should be as Gandalf would make them himself.

    As Jamie mentions, Funke are really getting there with their rockets.
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    I don’t bother with the large modern rockets anyway and all that awful plastic, I’d rather
    get a pack of nice medium sized rockets such as the funke ones, I really like the Blattertanz ones with the horsetail effect especially, very traditional type bursts with nice tail on the way up, way I see it I don’t think the large stuff is worth it I’m just happy with the smaller rockets and the more traditional garden fireworks, just hard to get decent stuff though now, I like the klasek ground spinners which we have just got for the first time the Tazmania ones which spin on the ground and an humming sound ending with crackle, got two packs of 54, never had as much fun since bangers lighting them and watching them spin on the ground:).
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    Where juh get those Jamie?
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    Fireworks crazy, I ordered online as they are in the south no where near me.
  5. Sorry I edited this, But just to throw in, with the history link, I was chatting by random coincedence to someone on FB about a local cinema which has been demolished. (stick with this) and chat turned to a shop local to it which used to sell broken biscuits to kids going to the cinema. the poster mentioned that her gran used to work in a factory which made tubes for Standard fireworks and she often went on the lorry to deliver the tubes to the factory.

    it got me to thinking about the social history of firework manufacture, this was an oldham factory, using imported card to make tubes, then sent to Hudersfield, using components from all over the place.

    More than just a tube of powder with blue touch paper.
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    Interesting - it's kinda strange how something as "simple" as a basic pyro item - as we note tube + label + BTP - has such a complicated supply chain - notwithstanding the hazard side, the sheer number of elements - the glue, the string, the mixing, the printing, the quality control, the packaging, the finances, the insurance, marketing, the chemicals and sourcing of same -

    it's just even more mind boggling that Std in particular produced the VAST range it did - I'm just SO SO glad I've a few items tucked away which - prove - that such a variety of items ever existed - Chinese Flyers, festoon rockets, mines, batteries, waterfalls, lance's just so impossible that we'll see the like again.

    It's also impossible that a bunch of wild folks won't somehow use modernity - crowd funding, the web, artificial intelligence, robotics etc to "bring it all back" that tech MUST be able to overcome the multitude of difficulties - of course we all know it's impossible - but would you have bet on LP records returning, space tourism or shopping from your desk!?!? JW. p.s. I wonder what % of a retail item is non-pyro - i.e. just craft work? - obviously once the pyro element is added, then it's fully controlled, but until then, it's just paper, glue etc. I know manufacturers used to do off site work for e.g. banger case rolling - wistful ponderings...
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  7. the tube company was Star Paper Tubes, Im asking around the area to see if any information exists on them.

    LPs coming back? :D never went away for me, not wanting to hijack the thread, but the sound on a decent turntable/stylus set up beats digital anyday. (imho)

    home made (uk based, not literally in homes) pyro might return oneday - we can live in hope.
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  8. Photo of Mega Rocket motor manufacture at Standard. Standard 4oz rocket manufacture 2.JPG
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