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  1. POB's Pyro

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    • RRP: £31.99
    • Shots: 25
    • Duration: 35 secs
    • Safety distance: 8 m
    • Category: F2
    • NEQ: 325g
    • Tube Size: 25mm
    • Hazard class: 1.4G
    My footage:

    Stock footage:
  2. RCT

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    Prefer the actual landed product footage to the stock footage.
    @POB's Pyro
    For a Low NEQ, CAT 2 , this looks like it punches above its weight ??
    First 20ish shots look nice and clean /even bursts , seems to loose some of its shape in the last few shots.
    But for the price, duration etc definitely worth firing one to see :)