Cake/Barrage Starmine Twin Pack

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    Starmine Twin Pack (High noise)
    RRP: £130.00 (On Offer at £99.00 SAVE £31.00)
    Manufacture: Planet Fireworks
    Shots: 36 each
    Shape: Straight, Vertical
    Class: 1.4G
    Size(mm): 330 x 150 x 230 each
    Duration: 45sec (approx)

    Haven’t tried a big mine? You really want to try mine! This pack contains two of our incredible Starmines. When fired together these giant mine cakes create an awesome display that no one will forget. These mines are so impressive that we use them in multiples on our professional shows. Producing a huge golden special effect mine with giant trailing brocade bursts and finishes with a gigantic sky full of more gold. Truly a beautiful firework.

    The video below shows both Starmines been let off together

    Filmed at Great Northern Fireworks, Leeds
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