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    Last night marked 2 years since the passing of my father, who ignited my passion for pyro. Of course, I let 2 180g rockets off so he could heard and see we'd not forgotten. Drove all the way up to Sheffield from Leics today for a trip to Meadow'hell' and snook into Jimmys Fireworks (Epic) with the mum on board, so I had to behave :oops:.

    Only stopped to have a word about FOI requests and to actually see the place other than through their website. Fantastic staff, and a lovely conversation with Jimmy himself. Next thing you know I blacked out and found myself with 4x sky thrillers and a gold willow 50 shot fan cake under my arm for BFN :rolleyes:. Best thing is it was my mother who said 'oohh these sky thrillers look good, how many we getting' :eek::eek:.

    Best to start early just in case we need to stock up or mark the end of an era of consumer pyro ;).

    Let's se what you've all got for 2019...
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  3. Pyro Pete

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    Nice gesture @GTRpyro.

    Definitely take your mum more often :)
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  4. GTRpyro

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    Only occasionally. I don't think she would appreciate watching me pay for the main stash :oops:. May have to build it up slowly over the year ;)
  5. hofnerite

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    Because of the demise of Kimbolton I thought I'd better stock up on some mines as no other importer seems interested in importing true mines any more. :(
    Problem is, like my stash of Sovereign mines the question is do I fire or keep? :rolleyes:
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  6. scoops

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    No debate mate, fire!
  7. hofnerite

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    Thought you might say that! :p
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    I presume Mexican Wave is nothing like the late, great Mexican Fiesta?
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    No it's a cheap little mine cake. Not even as good as Angel Dust but it's a nice filler for just over a fiver.
  10. paul s

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    Cool for a fiver.....

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  11. I used two together last year, with the music it was quite magical and comical at the same time, almost like a tennis match with fireworks lol.
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    ...any sponsors stocking this one this year?
  13. Brother's Angel Dust or Kimbolton's Mexican Wave? In any case @Blackpool Fireworks stock both.
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