Stockport vs West Ham fireworks

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  1. Some of @Chorlton Fireworks gear perhaps going off outside the ground. Match stopped for a couple of minutes due to some fairly meaty 100 shotters being fired by fans outside the ground.

    impressive gear!
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    There's a video on the current live BBC football page, quite funny watching the players and ref watching them. It's being taken in good spirit too:

    Screenshot 2021-01-11 at 21.12.07.png
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    I've noticed that a few times this season, maybe a new way of showing support while they can't be in the ground.
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    Nah it was in support of a young boy that got hit by a police car whilst it was responding to a 999
  6. This happens inside the stadium in some European countrys flares smokes petards. The fans must have got the idea from them.
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    Come on, who's geeky enough to identify the firework? :D
  8. It may be primed skybreaker but i'm not completely sure
    edit-possibly celtic oblivion
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    Nah, not those two.
    Pulse firing, got to be 1.3G, mixed effects.
  10. I was just basing it off of the picture
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  11. I was just thinking the same thing.
  12. Maybe primed heavy hitter, or let it play, single tubes then pulse rows
  13. At the time I posted I was going to ask someone but assumed there wouldn’t be a video for people to see!

    it was actually at least 2 decent barrages or one compound. Went on for a full 2 minutes. Very much sounded like 1.3g. The first minute it so didn’t have the crackles if I remember correctly!
  14. It was going a decent while before the ref stopped play. I reckon that clip is about half of it.
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    Cosmic matrix madness compound me thinks
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  16. Nothing to do with me lol
  17. This was mentioned on a Man Utd forum too here is an article:

    Sounds like a combination of support for him / wellwishing and perhaps some way of drawing attention to what happened with the incident. It's quite a good article, balanced.
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    Somebody at it again outside the Cheltenham v Man City game.
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    There’s probably loads of stock left over in homes from last year’s failed bfn. And people have to scratch that itch...;)