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    See where your coming from and there are not many who can get storage in their garden but some do! If the distances you used were applied, and assuming the HT3 store was in the centre of the 27m radius to other buildings (not other gardens), then within that 27m radius, you would have more than enough room for a 250kg HT4 store and 75kg of HT3 (HT4 would need 9m from the HT3 store and 0m to everything else).

    Things get much more complicated if the other Gardens have stores within them...then external site separation distances would apply!!
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    I think there is some confusion going on here. I took it to be that the poster was referring to 75Kg HT4. (the limit applied when accommodation is above a shop and no other measures are taken to mitigate the hazard of having 250kg. I understand that the OP wanted 250kg HT4 in his garage and 25kg HT3 in another location.
    If that is the case then both units could be adjacent to his house provided the two stores were at least 9 metres apart.
    250kg HT4 and 25kg HT3 are both zero separation distance quantities (Classes A to F inclusive) The 9 metres is the Class G distance.


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  3. It was this I was referring to, 75kgs HT3, we have a garden centre site and our 1.4g and 1.3g containers had to be a minimum 65m apart.
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    Something is not right there Powder Keg. 75kg HT3 and 100,000kg HT4 requires only 27metres on-site, inter-mag distance.

    Could be coincidence but 70,000kg HT3 requires 63metres so maybe someone is confusing grams and kilograms , my money would be on it being the TSO :)
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    @The Powder Keg Have seen this on more than one occasion. There are a lot of TSO's and Fire Officers who can't tell the difference between the Firework Store and the Storage Site. They than start to apply external site separation distances. The Storage Site is the boundary of the postal address. The Store is the structure/room where the Fireworks are being stored. Therefore as @TGR pointed out, your inter-mag distance (referred to as Class G in ER2014 - On-site Store Separation Distance) would be 27m for 75kg HT3 and 100,000kg HT4. If it was 200kg HT3 and 1000kg HT4 you Class G distance would be 9m. Looking at ER2014 Tables, I can't see anything which would explain a 65m separation distance (apart from an enforcement officer who is not clear on the regulations!)
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  6. Hi we are under the fire service, I would like it to be wrong as the top container is vulnerable to theft as per two seasons ago.
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    Our advice would be to download and print a copy of ER2014 and ask your Fire Officer to highlight where in the regulations it states the distance they are quoting. When they say they do not have a copy of ER2014 on them, hand them your printed copy!

    Have had more than one occasion where enforcement officers have said that "they don't care what the regulations state". On each occasion a call from HSE Explosives Inspectorate has made them reconsider their view. Enforcement can only be taken based on the regulations, prosecution can only be taken when the regulations are not followed. Individuals deciding on their own version of the regulations leads to confusion and in some cases the wrong decisions being made (had one TSO who wanted a wooden building lined with Metal. The reason? A Metal Container should be lined with wood, so a wooden building should be the opposite! HSE soon put them straight!). HSE Explosives Inspectorate have been appointed as the authority to advise on the safe storage of explosives, including Fireworks. Fire & Rescue have not.
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    I feel a trip to the fire service with ammo is forth coming.. @The Powder Keg :D
    Hope you sort if protection is an issue as is.
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    To clarify. I'm wanting to store total 25kg, as it will combined store it will need to be ht3 store (in which there will be a combination of ht3 and ht4). Have been in contact with TS. Next step is to check with house insurance then back in contact with TS.
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    House insurance......????:eek: Brace yourself !!
    If it’s anything like car insurance, at the mere mention of carrying any quantity of Pyro they chuck on a couple of 0’s
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    Insurance policy docs have no specific exclusions for fireworks. They must generally be aware that people may be sorting small amounts certainly around GFN and NY, I'm just liking at a slightly larger amount. Will feed back when i have info. They're fine with people having other highly explosive substances in their home which are inherently close to ignition sources (gas)...