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    Does anyone have any knowledge or experience of licenced, wood built stores ?
  2. Arthur

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    I've never heard of one for fireworks as a licensed store, but I suspect much domestic firework stock is stored in sheds and garages in the days before the party.

    The only person who could make a definitive decision is your local licensing officer for the area of the proposed site.

    The usual aim with F4 fireworks is to prevent loss by reasonably determined force, which usually means steel or concrete for walls and roof and floor with a steel door and good locks well fitted.
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    B861DD3C-F251-4C63-BB4B-89D9FEC243D8.jpeg My first ever store had a 100kg 1.3g license
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    And there is no lock? :p
  5. As Arther said above, it depends on your local TSO or equivilent to deem what is acceptable. My local TSO would not accept anything other than an ISO container or brick built store unless I could prove how it would hold a fire/explosion, and although it sounds fun building wooden/plastic sheds and blowing up various quantities of HT3 and HT4 to test their limits it was too much effort to arrange! I tried to argue it was in an empty 100 x 100 metre field and that I couldn't get an ISO container across the only bridge onto the field, but they said I should build a brick shed, and that even if I did I couldn't have the store because there was a house 100 metres away that might overlook the field and so I'd have to build a tall fence around the site if I wanted > 25kg HT3.
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    I've found, Pete, that fire officers are a lot more pragmatic when it comes to technical discussion. Although I have to say that my TSO is a great guy to work with.
    I'm hoping info from Alex will sort things. :)
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    First, determine who is the licensing authority and their contact person, second seek their advice with respect to the site that you are interested in. Then ask what storage container they would like to see, and what locks and lock boxes and alarms. This is all their call not yours. A store from H and G (in Lincolnshire) will satisfy most licensing officers but usually stretch the bank :(

    According to your local government system the licensing authority could be the Fire Service, the Trading Standards Office or perhaps even the Police.

    You may have to talk with your insurer to find their requirements if you will want stock theft insurance, they may have specific advice about locks, compare their locking requirements with your licensing officer's requirements.
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    Thanks Arthur.
    This is additional storage, so everything is already in place for existing licence.
    The only query is the material aspect.
  9. AF Pyro

    AF Pyro Pro Firer/Crew that sounds like a contender for "I don't understand the regulations so I will make up my own" award of the year. They actually said "unless I could prove how it would hold a fire/explosion"? There is nothing in the regulations that states that and the worst thing you can do with fireworks in INCREASE the containment! :confused:
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    The aim of explosives storage is to deter and delay intruders having access to those explosives. For fireworks the bar is not high, for explosives that terrorists may want then the delay time is longer and the number of alarms is greater.
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    My first store in the depths of time was a brick double garage with a wooden roof that had a 1000kg 1.4g limit (at the time)

    Not checked recently but pretty sure the regs state a suitable building? Back end of a field and a stout wooden building would comply buy you need to think about security. I do know somebody who has a cheap steel shed lic'd in his garden.
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