Stratford road fireworks stall

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  1. Hi guys just had in my head that in 2028 I purchased lots of loud fireworks 1.3 gram and some Chinese brand. There was a guy who set up a stall and use to sell them he said he got some in from China too was just thinking haven’t seen him last year he usually sets up around September to December time in birmingham was from Shirley he said. Was wondering if anyone else knows what I’m talking about.
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    I'm pretty sure that stall wasn't allowed i seen them in 2014 and all they was doing was reselling without license
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    I struggle to remember my name at times; no chance of recalling 2028.....:confused:
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    2028 was a great year, covid had passed, gatherings of up to1000 people was allowed for the first time, FAB was dispanded after years of fruitless attempts to make a old bird happy and bangers made a welcome return after finally agreeing the Brexit agreement - what a year;)
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  5. typo,s where would we be without them:D:D
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  6. Still over 3 hours to go until 20:28!

    I get mixed up with this too. I think you mean 1.3G? Which would be the fireworks with a higher percentage of flashpower allowed in the tubes, which would indeed make the louder. Their NEC in grams can be 50gs, 100g etc. eg here is a good box which is over 1000g in NEC

    Not to be pedantic with you, but I think the only loud fireworks that weight 1.3 gram NEC would be illegal bangers. So guessing you mean 1.3G :)