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  1. Wheres the best place to buy supermarket fireworks for 2018
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    What he said ;)
  5. This is an eternal question here and one that there's some good advice from @Pyro Pete in the introduction to this section.

    We recognise that many people just want to grab some fireworks with their grocery shopping so rely on the supermarkets. But generally the quality available, and the value, is really poor. Many supermarket items are made specifically for the big stores to a lesser standard to maximise profit.

    One these pages you'll see some advice from previous years. It tends to be available in late September or later once the supermarkets start advertising. And there have been a few half decent options available - most notably Lidl that had a brand of fireworks that were better than the other stores. But it seems they won't have that brand again this year.

    But if you've gone to the trouble of looking up a fireworks forum then you're probably sufficiently motivated to want decent gear at a good price. So, have a look at the sponsors map in this site to see if there's a specialist firework retailer near enough to you to visit. If you do care about quality and value you won't regret it. And you'll also see that many of the sponsors offer discounts to UKFR forum members.

    If there isn't one close enough to visit then consider ordering a delivery. You'll typically need to pay some delivery charges but I'd suggest that if you've got anything around £150+ to spend then a delivery would still be very worth your while.

    Hope that helps. But if you want more advice then why not put up a post on the main forum section telling us how much you want to spend, what sort of space you've got for firing and what thoughts you have about what you'd like. You'll soon get loads of suggestions and possibly a decent offer from a sponsor.
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    Step into the light, it's a whole different world;)
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    Your location is Gt Yarmouth, if you can pop into Norwich you have @Trafalgar Fireworks who is an all year specialist. But if for any masochistic reason you insist in buying from a supermarket, generally wait until the seasonal selling period starts in October and various leaflets are produced, we can then see who is selling what brands and advise better.
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  8. No harm in grabbing one piece from a supermarket. We all do it lol for example the pumpkin fountain was a trusted fountain in many a stash
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  9. If Lidl sell Weco then you can buy from there. Would not advise buying TNT, Standard or Bulldog fireworks from supermarkets.
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    (Sorry, but if you enjoy fireworks enough to come on here then you deserve to be kind to yourself and buy something 'proper' from a 'proper' shop. Look at the videos here and pop along to your nearest sponsor; you'll never look back).

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    If you're after £20 worth of garden fireworks for young kids then you'll do OK in most of the supermarkets
    If you're after something more impressive then supermarkets won't stock what you need. As above - go to a specialist firework retailer. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the cost and quality.
    The advice above is good but there is a place for supermarket pyro. If my kids were toddlers again and I lived in a house with a 5m garden then supermarket fireworks would be perfect.

    No idea what the OP is looking for (he may be after massive items for a large garden and budget) but we shouldn't really be telling him to go bigger and better if his garden size or let's face it, experience of lighting fireworks isn't up to scratch.
    But having said that, any responsible retailer (all sponsors on here are) will ask those kind of questions.
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  12. lol :D

    To be fair though, if phrased a little differently, it is a good question- of the supermarkets, which typically carry the better fireworks?

    My own experience, albeit from years gone by- Tesco sell junk, very over priced and poor, for hokey/phoney "deals." Sainsburies don't seem to put much effort in to packaging etc, and didn't appeal, ASDA similar to Tescos. Morrisons a long long time ago had some good stuff, but not been there for years.

    Aldi, not sure. Lidl probably the best of the bunch, no bullshit pricing and generally good performance.

    But as said above, sponsors will do a better deal, and carry better stuff all round.

    *edit added- some places like JTF have "rebadged" lines- ask here what they are really selling, as sponsors will probably do exactly the same thing at a better price.
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  13. As someone who buys a fair bit from the supermarkets, that's a fairly reasonable sum up :) You do always have to be on the look out for bargains though, Tesco's 3 halloween-packaged items from last year all had decent performance, and of course their portfires ;) Asda too had 2 real gems last year, the Enchanted fanned fountain and it's predecessor of a different name, which on 2 occasions outperformed more costly fountains and didn't look at all out of place surrounded by quality cakes and candles; and the double-shot tubes which were nice and loud and imo good value.

    Morrisons are generally very poor these days, talk about a plunge from the cosmic lines of the 2000's to now. Aldi are decent enough for the smaller end, not sure the bigger cakes are up to much though. And as mentioned Lidl tend to be miles ahead of everywhere else

    There is a certain irony surrounding supermarket pyro though, it frequently pops up in specialist stores once the chains swap their lines, and sometimes for distinctly more money too. That does make me laugh considering the stick they get ;) Generally speaking though the best option is to get quality brands from a proper retailer, particularly for cakes, rockets and candles, then just look out for the hidden gems :)
  14. Please take the time to visit one of the sponsors from here. It really is worth the extra effort to get there. Value for money and pound for pound it is far in excess of the supermarket stuff you get.

    You get more close and personal advice from enthusiasts that have fired most of, if not all of their stock.

    Most, if not all, will happily hold stock until a preferred collection or delivery date too, which is perfect if you don't like having explosives in your house/outbuildings for a period of time.

    Even if you can't get to a sponsor, please try and look up any local all year round shops in your area.
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    What's your budget op? If you're just looking at spending 10 or 20 quid on a single selection box or whatever then its probably not worth ordering from a specialist, as the delivery costs alone are more than that on all the firework websites I've looked at ... However if we're talking of a more considerable amount, then trust me it would simply be a waste to spend it in a supermarket these days.

    I tried the £5 roman candle pack (I forget the name) from Morrisons a couple of years ago, decent enough by today's standards. The £10 selection box was ok but certainly won't blow anything out of the water.
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    The mistake you made was getting anything from Morrisons. Some of the worst supermarket Pyro around.


    I buy a fair bit from supermarkets, when people say you are better to go to a sponsor this is true most of the time but supermarkets and sponsors do a lot of the time sell the same or similar items. Sometimes the supermarkets are cheaper! Weco outperformed nearly all boxes on the market for the price last year from Lidl.

    Being smart and knowing the performance of each product helps. It also depends on who your audience is, budget and what you are trying to create. Is it just for the family or are you having extended family round? What firing distance do you have?

    If you are spending over £25 then a sponsor is the way to go unless you are set on getting some Bright star then it is worth calling by a Range store if you have one close.

    I will definitely be getting some bits from supermarkets.
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