Supermarket pyro vs Specialist pyro

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    Hi all

    So we are again meeting up for something a bit different this time, we have gathered a selection of fireworks from the big supermarkets and will be putting them up against some packages that have been donated by the magnificent @Epic Fireworks.

    There will also be some lines from Imperial Lotus fired and reviewed.

    We will also be firing some old classics as well as a cat 3 display to close.

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    Oops, wrong video above lol.

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    Excellent dan. They do indeed look pony. This is a great idea and will finally show people the major rubbish the supermarkets peddle (give or take a good fountain)
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    OMFG that Funke Yggdrasil is something else man!!! I want one! Lol
  5. Have u got other 60 packages etc from other supermarkets etc to see what diffrence is
  6. If you are comparing to a small selection box from Tesco it isn't a very good comparison. My local had a late delivery this year so ended up buying my fireworks from Lidl and they were very good. The cakes especially. The cakes were better value for money than what i could buy at the same price level at the local firework specialist. I'm talking about 2 in particular:

    Plasma attack - £6.67 I cant remember how much powder but its really solid.

    Beefeater - £39.99 Over 700g powder, amazing fanned firework. Would recommend this to anyone.

    Special mention. The visage box

    These aren't the best fireworks but the 2 shot tubes inside are very powerful it also has 3 multi shot cakes alongside some fountains with decent duration. Again you wont be finding better value than that inside any specialist shop.

    In order for this to be a fair test, you need fireworks from all the supermarkets at each price range fired against fireworks from a specialist at the same price point.
    This is something i would be intrigued to see as after the performance of the supermarket pyro this year the only reason i will be going back to a specialist will be for 1.3g rockets.
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    We have from at least 4 or 5 supermarkets a large range of products
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  8. Where are the vids im looking forward to this
  9. Not till 28th December
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    Stick your vid on here jezza
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  11. Another one for the comparison test.
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  13. @abigman has the Lidl stuff, I'll let him put that picture up.
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  15. The epic stuff will win hands down over cheap supermarket crap!, you have Whistle Pop Mix there, a fantastic little noise cake with lots of different effects.
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    Agreed, I doubt any of the supermarket stuff will stand up well against even the weakest epic stuff but it'll be interesting to see how it compares between supermarkets.
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  17. Unfortunately I don't have the Aldi selection to show you as I will be picking up on the 28th
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    I will make short videos of the different products on the day showing the necs etc
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  19. Please do prices as well, i feel that is a large factor in this. Its the main reason people buy from supermarkets
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  20. This could be a project ! I think for a cheap selection box full of samey stuff they might be a little cheaper, but honestly-even thencheap cakes that supermarkets do, I think a good specialist might be able to match for quslity. and price.