Selection Box / Pack Supremacy (12 Pieces - 247 Shots)

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  1. Name: Supremacy
    Brand: Sky Crafter (Brothers Pyrotechnics)
    RRP: £449.99 (2018)
    NEC (From Box): 3713g
    Shots: 247 (6x 12 shot, 5x 25 shot, 1x 50 shot)
    Class: 1.3g
    Fires: All straight apart from Wisdom (fanned 25 Shots)
    Category: All F2 apart from Maximum (50 Shots)

    Please note: Some fireworks’ performances differed from the original stock video you may have seen from Brothers/Sky Crafter– most noticeably the big 50 Shot finale piece, which has several different effects (with lots of crackling) rather than the all-willow effect. Please see our verdict on the pack and links to individual pieces below.

    Our verdict:

    If you’re looking to buy Supremacy, first make sure it is on offer for the right price! Although it has an RRP of £449.99, in our opinions it should be purchased below the £200 mark. That being said, there are some fantastic and unique colours and effects within Supremacy. All of the pieces were of a really high quality and even the smaller 12-Shot cakes (which make up Sky Crafter’s “The M.O.B.” pack) packed an impressive punch. Their individual NECs can be found below. Whop and Mafia blew us away at the start, the latter breaking very, very well and producing great scenes in the sky above. Kimba added a refreshing variety of colourful starred bursts and Sabini, Garrison and Shelby really blew us even further away. Shelby had the most NEC of the 12-Shot cakes and had great hang-time, whilst Garrison boasted massive breaks. Please note, some of the firing sequences and paces were different from the stock video too, but you can see in our video above (and individuals below) how they differ.

    Intense was noticeably larger, very loud and… very intense. Firing 5 quick rounds of 5, the colours were very bright and all accompanied by orange glitter. I think my favourite of the four straight-firing 25-Shot cakes was Remarkable though, the coloured dahlias with the sparkling silver strobe really looked special. Incredible really had some great effects packed into it and the finale was great – however, it’s disappointing that most of the salutes didn’t fire, leaving the firing looking a bit messy and lacking in rhythm. Exceptional was another great piece although as it fired 5 shots simultaneously, I think it was hard to see the beauty of each individual effect. Wisdom, the only fanned cake in the pack, also fired 5 shots at a time. After large, bright dahlias, they produced a delayed “plum” effect. This effect is unique and wonderful to see. I’m not really sure what to say about Maximum though. With over 900g NEC, we expected a willow effect as shown in the stock video. We got lots of colourful stars with crackle, brocades in between and crackling mines below. None of the pieces carry a description, so this was a bit of a shock given the only thing we had to go on was the stock video (which I believe was filmed abroad).

    Let me know what you think below.

    NEC List:

    Whop (12 shot) – 85.2g NEC (7.1g NEC/Shot)
    Kimba (12 Shot) – 85.2g NEC (7.1g NEC/Shot)
    Mafia (12 Shot) – 85.2g NEC (7.1g NEC/Shot)
    Garrison (12 Shot) – 92.4g NEC (7.7g NEC/Shot)
    Sabini (12 Shot) – 92.4g NEC (7.7g NEC/Shot)
    Shelby (12 Shot) – 96.0g NEC (8.0g NEC/Shot)
    Wisdom (25 Shot – Fan) – 432.5g NEC (17.3g NEC/Shot)
    Remarkable (25 Shot) – 442.0g NEC (17.68g NEC/Shot)
    Exceptional (25 Shot) – 442.5g NEC (17.7g NEC/Shot)
    Incredible (25 Shot) – 423.3g NEC (16.932g NEC/Shot)
    Intense (25 Shot) – 442.5g NEC (17.7g NEC/Shot)
    Maximum (50 Shot) – 925g NEC (18.5g NEC/Shot)

    If you wish to view the pieces individually, you may do so here:

    Whop (12 Shot):

    Kimba (12 Shot):

    Mafia (12 Shot):

    Garrison (12 Shot):

    Sabini (12 Shot):

    Shelby (12 Shot):

    Wisdom (25 Shot - Fanned):

    Remarkable (25 Shot):

    Exceptional (25 Shot):

    Incredible (25 Shot):

    Intense (25 Shot):

    Maximum (50 Shot - Finale Piece):

    Sorry for the long post, I wanted to make this as thorough as possible for people considering purchasing the pack (and haven't done one of these on the forum before!). Feel free to leave any thoughts below - Zotic Fireworks.
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    I like your nec list.Sure i'm not the only one who tries to find the nec of everything they're thinking about buying and it's helpful to have it broken down per shot too.The only thing i'd add would be tube sizes.

    The pack looks decent for around £200, must admit i preferred some of the smaller cakes and the ghost effect in the fanned cake.
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    Great review, Shame that yet more Brothers product doesn’t perform as it is portrayed in the videos. :mad:
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  4. K9Girl

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    Maximum just looks messy :confused:
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    Brilliant review, and while I agree that Maximum is a bit of a mess I’m starting to think that my purchase of one of these boxes for £99 last year is a bit of a bargain! Forgot I had it too until I saw this. Some great colours in some of those.
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    Some good colour content in Intense; nice.
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  7. Very good re-view!! Look at another members video @Duskyfuse as he tells people about the cakes being re wraps of other skycrafter items you can buy indevidually! Not sure if its every cake in the box tho??
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    Excellent buy!:)
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    There are some great colours in there. Good videos and great post @Zotic Fireworks!
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  10. Thank you for the responses guys, I'm glad you liked the review and I'll make sure that I add the tube sizes in the future.

    I hope this has helped those of you with (or looking to buy) the pack, as it's quite different to the stock video. I also hope that if you have the pack this year, the salutes fire properly in Incredible!

    Thanks again guys.
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  11. Fab review, all the information needed along with videos and individual break downs on each cake, awesome. :goodpost:
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  12. Excellent review. I love the fan with the delayed plum - Wisdom

    I think the Mob pack ( available for around £35) which contains the six 12 shot cakes is the best value
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