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  1. Shanepyromad

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    I’m having a clear out again items are surplus as brought as a deal or items I no longer need in my collection

    Prices are per packet can do a deal on multiples based Bristol delivery can be arranged

    Shockwave airbombs £10
    Standard banshee packets £10
    Champagne pop rockets x3 £5
    Orange banshee x3 £5
    Bat out of hell yellow motor £10
    Bat out of hell two different labels £7.50
    Standard sky avengers £10
    Bright star sonic fx £5
    Titan airbombs packets are abit crap £5
    Benwell airbombs £10
    Astra colourbomb £12.50
    Astra twin pack candle £10
    Whistling candle barrage early cosmic £10
    Cosmic meteorite candle barrage £5
    Astra candle pack £10
    Cosmic kaleidoscope fountain pack £10
    Golden lion wheel of fortune £10
    Standard wheel and millennium wheel £5
    Fireworks international box £15
    Cosmic box £45
    Astra bangers £10
    Astra wheels £5

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  2. danielpyronutter

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    What Cosmic box is it bud?
  3. Shanepyromad

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    Was a lunar but gone now bud