Fountain Tears of an Angel

Discussion in 'Celtic Fireworks' started by hofnerite, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. hofnerite

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    Duration: 90sec
    RRP: £19.99
    Description: Gold to Silver or Silver to Gold Fountain

  2. Definitely another one to add to list :)
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  3. Tinderbox

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    Refreshing to see a decent fountain with no crackle.
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  4. paul s

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    Simple, but very effective.
  5. I like the way the silver and gold switch mid way.
  6. RCT

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    That looks a great fountain, great opening pieace. I will definitely be using .
  7. danielpyronutter

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    That is lovely , and nice an pokey too.:)
  8. They would look well on high posts with a nice wheel below me thinks:)
  9. hofnerite

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    Having just read an amendment on the Celtic website, it seems that this is three separate fountains put together.
    For the RRP £20 you get either a silver to gold or a gold to silver. They come in in a mixed case.
    Still lovely fountains though!
    So essentially a variation on Glacier Rising. Similar size and price.
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  10. paul s

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    Is that £20 per fountain? ie £60 for the set up above.
  11. hofnerite

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    Looks like it. But as we know Glacier Rising can be got for a lot less than £20 so I'd assume these may be a similar price.
  12. paul s

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    Three standard 7” cones wouldn’t be far away and would cost around £20/£24.

    The Jorge ones we’ve had are particularly good value.
  13. hofnerite

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    Would they last 90 seconds though?
  14. scoops

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    Or height?
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  15. The Jorge 8" cones are excellent, but at a totally different price and NEC than these Celtic items - they last 45 secs.

    I like the fact that these Celtic items change from Silver to Gold, or Gold to Silver, nice touch. Great siblings to Glacier Rising.
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  16. paul s

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    Good point; they last half as long. But a third of the price.

    Very similar in my experience to most of the 13” cones I’ve had, albeit not the Celtic ones. The last really good ones I remember that reached about 10m were Standard Mammoth Conic, many moons ago.

    Would I personally go for one of these or three 7” in a fan for similar money?? It’s similar to the old chestnut of launching a single £25 rocket v’s a volley of five decent ones from a pack.....budget decision I suppose.

    Very nice fountain though, nevertheless. :cool:
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  17. standard steve

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    I still have some standard mammoth conics , I love them the power , height , golden colour , the noise when they get
    going , long duration , used to fill my garden , all my family loved large cones .
    I think ill give the one above a try . thanks for posting .