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    Picked up a brochure from Tesco at lunchtime as thought they should be critiqued alongside other supermarkets...

    tesco1.jpg tesco2.jpg tesco3.jpg
    tesco4.jpg tesco5.jpg tesco6.jpg

    As for me, I've bought ALL my fireworks through a UKFR sponsor, thank you Mark and Paul at Firework Crazy :)
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  2. £1 Portfires!
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  3. Great buy, usually pick a few packs up and a Dracula fountain
  4. I like that I can scan the QR code from your uploaded picture of the leaflet. I may not have spent £90 on Renegade but having watched the video I'm not getting that minute of my life back am I :(
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  5. Tesco sell at the RRP sponsors would sell the decent stuff for 10/20 quid cheaper easily. For example Jordan's fireworks do that barrage pack at 79.99. I wouldn't pay 90 for that sib when the treasures of the pyro world are 60-90. Hercules's is 95 ffs! Son all know standard perform but for a shop that sells great good at great prices they are crap with fireworks. And lighters for that matter lol
  6. Judging by the lack of responses here... I'm guessing the Tesco stuff isn't really worth it? A real shame there isn't a Lidl nearby me!

    Only got Tesco and Waitrose - neither of which seem highly rated here
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    Forget the supermarkets and contact a sponsor far better products and deals not to mention much more choice and plenty ship so if you get in it quickly you should still be able to get delivery before the weekend.

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  8. Thanks Paul

    Already spent some money this year unfortunately before seeing the sponsors map... So was mainly just seeing if there's anything additional cheap worth grabbing from a supermarket for this year. I will definitely check out / remember the sponsors for next year when I will easier reach their minimum spend for delivery limit! :)
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    Keep an eye out for review nights too. Normally they happen around September, you’ll get to see all the products in the flesh and often get some good deals for ordering on the night.
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  10. Awesome, thanks! :D
  11. To be fair Tesco fireworks arnt the worst by a long shot...standard/black cat make some quality gear Ind have different colours, effects and firing patterns to other manufacturers helps to balance the display and add something diffrent ie celebrate, black star, dynasty quad pack, trident triple pack, some brilliant performance and quality in their peices. Personally I am not a fan of small fountains etc... In selection boxes but again standard are not bad. It's just that Tesco prices are absolutely rediculous!! I've seen the sponsor s of this site sell it half the price upwards even 60percent cheaper
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  12. Yeah I remember black cat from a few years ago being quite decent!

    Shame about the price but as it's the only thing I really have around here I guess I can't do much about it this year haha. Will try to get the whole lot from a sponsor next year to meet the delivery requirements.

    I'm tempted to pop in and pick up the rockets and shot tubes together for £25 along with some port fires. Seems reasonable in the grand scheme of things.

    I've already got some other rockets (names have slipped my mind) and a 35 piece nightstar wonderland box which has some fountains and roman candles etc (otherwise I'd consider the bonfire selection box and ember cake for £30)
  13. Yeah it's about having fun in the end also being safe so port fires are a good idea. You get some nasty burns lighting with a lighter lol. Have to watch some of the night star fuses though they're a bit short! Someone on here was saying their fountains are good though
  14. Asked the seasonal to throw in some of the lighting sticks and he said they have ones that burn shorter but better, and ones that burn very slowly... I think I asked for the ones that last less time but burn better and then I came here and it seems I've been given what are referred to as portfires. Just thinking of getting more though as they only seem to last 4 minutes each (from my reading) and I only have 3 or 4 freebies.

    I haven't actually used it yet, but to me they looked more dangerous than a lighter lol as the flame is much larger and more easy to touch on part of the firework body itself?

    That's good to hear the fountains are good! As I was a tad disappointed at first to open the box and find 27 of the 33 items were fountains... But I'll be less disappointed if they're good and worth it :D
  15. Yeah you get that with selection boxes sadly good if there are small children though. Never mind when you buy from a sponsor next year you will get some mind blowing Pyro for the delivery limit. Very popular this year are the full house barrage pack by primed for £120 and the Celtic 6 pack for £60. I myself have gone for mainly brothers as their my fav brand. As I said earlier though it's good to mix the brand's so I've also got some Celtic, some Jorge and some absolute. Although only 3-4 mind the flames arnt that big and they light the fuse with a single touch I was terrified the first year I used them lol but there really is nothing to be scared of. Just don't do what I did and out one in a bucket of water after each firework. They do burn out before they reach the end
  16. Ha sounds good thanks! Will bear that in mind!

    Not too bad, should be able to pad out the fountains a bit with the rockets, roman candles etc that I have.

    Four of the fountains in there made me laugh though, tiniest fountains I've ever seen! Literally about 2 inches in height, all the packaging etc has the info and the actual fountain itself is just plain. Would post a pic but it would take this off topic (more so than already lol)

    Yeah I've seen quite a few mentions here of Celtic. Will definitely be doing some research for next year and reading up in advance - unlike this year lol
  17. Tesco sell all there fireworks to people who think there getting a good deal and don't know where to go to get a bargin there not like us who will shop arround to get a good deal or go to a specialist they will just buy from a supermarket with there weekly shop
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    Not sure why i'm even looking through this supermarket thread, It's late and I need something to bore myself to death with. If I had any fireworks from a supermarket then lighting a few off would send me into a coma. I notice a lot of folks complaining about supermarket stuff. The reason is simple, they do not have the storage facilities to comply with selling decent pyro. It's all watered down specifically for their limited storage abilities. If their display counter was to go up, the hundreds of shoppers would have a fairly good chance of getting out unscathed. In fact going by most the stuff I've ever bought from Tesco, you'd just carry on shopping!
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    And as for portfires, don't bother. Get a good blowtorch. A Rothemberger piezo trigger works amazingly and will pay for it's self after a few shows and last a life time.
  20. Likewise. They are OK for a bit of fun, but the selection boxes lack the scope of effects that we has back in the 1990s and 1980s. Simply just are not as good as they used to be, I think they aim to sell as impluse buys etc.