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  1. Tesco's offering for this season attached. Seem to be a couple of new bits - I don't remember the Asana fountain appearing previously, for example......

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  2. Yes there do seem to be some new pieces. Thanks for sharing.
  3. RocketRev

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    Interesting to see torches and head torches in there.
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    I do like the packaging on these pieces , the Asana fountain having an almost Retro look to it.
  6. skyrocket

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    Does anyone know if the Showstopper is the same piece Lidl sold a few years ago please?
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    Prices on grand finale and oblivion are actually not bad especially if buying 2 for 110.

    Probably both 20mm 1.4g but good value.
  8. Standard come out with new shot tubes year in and year out with new names yet they still have the same effects :rolleyes:
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    I don't think so as this one is a fan cake and the Lidl Showstopper wasn't, it was a good cake though :)
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  10. stars and bangs? :)
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    Do tesco have exclusivity to this range? No one else seems to have the same?
  12. If you mean Beefeater then no. Show Stopper has 30 shots and an NEC of just 210 grams. Beefeater had 56 shots and a much higher NEC count of 693 grams!
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