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  1. Screenshot_20201018-163416_Chrome.jpg No this was the showstopper, it's not fanned.
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  2. skyrocket

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    That's the one thank you , I remember it being well worth £20 at the time.
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  3. skyrocket

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    It was a cracking piece for 20 notes
  4. What's the craic with Tesco this year? Been to two separate stores and notice they are limiting the sales times?

    One from 12-6pm and the other one 12-7pm

    Never really noticed before as I never use them but it is advertised quite openly this year on the sales desk.
  5. More like stars and crackles :rolleyes:
  6. POB's Pyro

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    Portfires as always would be my pick of the bunch from Tesco :D
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  7. RocketRev

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    Do they have to have designated staff for fireworks? Maybe specific people who are keyholders for the fireworks store? If that's the case, the times could be their shifts.
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  8. Quite possibly. Just found it odd and wondered if there were any Tesco staff lurking here that could fill us in.

    With the exceptional circumstances this year meaning many public events are going to be cancelled, I thought most places would be busting a gut to take advantage and maybe shift a few more units than normal.
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  9. My latest video takes a detailed look at Tesco's 2020 firework offerings.

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  10. And they just get more and more extortionate lol
  11. Rob perry

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    Standard did a firework called witchcraft last year took a lot of ppl by surprise as was really decent with massive palm bursts. I'm sure grand finale is it in a different wrapper! I also think show stopper is skyfall and oblivion is fallen angel. Nice to know good firework shops are happy to sell the pieces from Tesco. I know this happens when stock is purchased at a decent price but it's normally garden fireworks and this time the shops sold it first
  12. I like the idea of the rainbow fountain with all the profits going to NHS.
  13. Pyro Ed

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    Thats why I got two.
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  14. Dayle Ward

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    Cant wait for the total to be announced for the rainbow fountains at tesco, should be a tidy sum! And another rocket in our arsenal of thunder facts against the antis.
  15. Pyro Pete

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    I got one of those too when I was in for my portfires :) Haven't let it off yet though.
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  16. If tescos still have them in on the 4th I'll get one.
  17. Dayle Ward

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    Aha! Knew youd have something to do on the 5th! Lol
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  18. Pyro Ed

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    So after firing the "little box of tricks" I thought I'd gut it, remove all the padding and here we are..

    Wasn't a too bad selection a couple of bits much louder than expected, but so much air lol!

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  19. Pyro Pete

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    When I was in Tesco I bought an Asana fountain to test out but in the end donated it to a friend who didn't have the funds to get some pyro, along with some sparklers, so they could do something in their garden without scaring their nervous Beagle :D They reported back today, saying the fountain was "absolutely brilliant", I do think this type of multi-effect fountain is always a good bet from supermarket ranges.
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  20. I did this with the Magic box from Asda I grabbed 2 to test some fusing etc.... I could fit both in one box its such a waste of packaging etc. at least sponsers tend not to sell air. :sponsorslove: