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    But that packaging helps ensure the stability of the fireworks.

    I'm old enough to remember the days of pencil thin Standard / Brocks / Astra fountains that had to be pushed into the garden soil. No padded out air-box packaging, for sure. But, as a Vicar, I get to visit lots of people in their homes and so many of them these days don't have soil to stick one of the traditional fountains in. Or if they do, it's not where a firework should be in terms of distances, or where a firework could easily be put in terms of the plants already there. And so many people don't have lawns that you can poke a slim firework into and just leave an inconspicuous aeration hole behind. There's a house near me where the new garden is paving and astroturf, for example. At least the boxy fireworks can be put on the ground and be stable and safely enjoyed.

    Personally, I'd prefer not to have all that packaging. But I can see it has some merit. I'd rather have the fireworks as I used to remember them - and find, or else make, somewhere safe in the garden to stick them securely in the soil. But I can live with the way the selection box fireworks are presented to us these days if it means more people can safely enjoy the traditional treat of fireworks at home.
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  2. I think too, lets be honest even with the packaging these selection boxes are not so expensive. Maybe like 50p each for a firework? It would be more objectionable if they were making them look massive with padding then charging a rip off price for them.
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    Fireworks, Easter eggs, Cadbury selection boxes and boxes of chocolates, boxes of cereal - the list goes on. Some products have always been dressed up to improve shelf appeal. Where the general public are concerned, less is never more.

    Everbody knows about Easter eggs, and therefore expect/accept it. However, only a minority know about firework puffery; hence it often rankles folk.
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  4. Totally :) I think too though that with Easter egss and chocolates it's as mucha question of paying for "the thing" which is how they justify the price. Thus a £5 box of chocolates is a nice gift but a fivers worth of chocolate bars, perhaps less so ;)
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    Big rockets anybody? ;)

    I hope that no-one who complains about the oversized, air filled selection box fireworks likes those oversized air filled plastic shiny rockets that seem to be so common and popular.:whistle:

    Maybe, like Easter eggs, it's as much a question of paying for "the thing" with them, too.:canofworms:
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  6. You might have a point there! :D Perhaops for some people the draw of a big shiney expensive rocket is that it is a big shiney expensive rocket :p
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    I wonder if we could get Tesco to sell them and we could then test that out?

    (Says he, finding a way to get this back on topic for a Tesco thread in the Supermarket section. ;))