Tesco Direct Closing Down

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  1. Tesco Direct closes down today and https://www.tesco.com/direct/fireworks/ no longer lists any fireworks.

    I never tried buying fireworks online from Tesco Direct before but hopefully this will help stem the flow of supermarket fireworks (at least outside of the main selling period when they stock fireworks in some stores).

    Maybe a bit of a win for firework specialists? :)
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    Well they only sold full cases and the prices were eye watering so if anyone did buy fireworks from Tesco Direct then they need their brains examining.
  3. beeney

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    probably only available on click and collect, they definitely did not offer delivery on .com when i delivered for them few years back...
  4. I remember there being the option of delivery at checkout with fireworks in the basket but I never actually placed an order to find out how they delivered them. I didn't find anything on the website I'd actually want to part cash with...
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  5. They offered Black Cat / Standard at full RRP.

    I suspect they didn't hold any stock as such, but simply acted as the middle man and any orders delivered direct from BC.
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    Correct Neil.
  7. I got some fireworks from Tesco and they were utter shite
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    Are you sure they were that good?
  9. PMSL!! It was something like buy £50 selection box, get a cake and rockets free. The cake was a fountain with mostly empty space inside.
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