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    Aside from fireworks, I do actually have a full-time job that being I own an independently operated car detailing company HD Valeting & Detailing and our sister company HD Car Care, we develop a custom range of car cleaning products using a chemist with vast knowledge in cleaning science and the automotive industry.

    We generally supply directly to the trade and car detailing enthusiasts however I am looking for individuals whom may not share the same passion or attention to detail but still like to keep on top of their car themselves (i.e not using the local hand car wash!). We are looking for independent feedback on a small range of products, in exchange for the free samples all we ask is that you actively promote the products and give your HONEST feedback on social media.

    We are hoping this will give us a better understanding of what people expect and look for when choosing cleaning products for the car. Particularly the average consumer.

    If you are interested please drop me an email on chris@highdefinitionvaleting.co.uk - perhaps if @Pyro Pete doesn't mind you can leave your feedback on this post.
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  2. I’ve not cleaned my car my self in 6 years. I normally do the £10 with Polish lads. However I do miss giving it a clean my self and enjoying that reward. Happy to give it a test and share on likes of Facebook, Instergram and YouTube.
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    Thanks, Pete I have dropped you a private message.

    Here are a few reviews posted on YouTube previously.

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  4. What's the difference between this and auto bright which is heavily promoted on Facebook?
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    Good question, it's like most things in retail "rebranding" is a big thing, we don't pretend to formulate products at the warehouse ourselves, for that you need a degree in chemistry and thousands of pounds of equipment, we use a chemist who specialise in automative chemicals and one of very few who do not supply directly to the general public, meaning all our products can only be sourced directly from us.

    I don't like the thought of rebranded products and throwing a label on it, instead I deal with the chemist, they listen to what we want and basically tell us if it's possible or not, we exchange many samples before we finalise a product in fact I must have 100+ samples of different variants and some products that never even make production, I can't comment on other brands but I can confidently say all our products have been developed specifically for us, in some cases a product may already be developed however it's tweaked to what we want, cost of raw materials, solvents, silicone etc make some products quite expensive to produce thus the profit margins aren't as good but it's something we enjoy and from the feedback we've received our customers have really took a shine to the range (See what I did there..!)
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    I'll test some Chris, my Pug needs a detail :)
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    Drop me a PM with your address and contact no I'll arrange for some samples to be sent this week.
  8. Well your glass cleaner is one of the best i've used.

    I would love to see some sort of "Rain X" combination / your own formula for an upgraded glass cleaner.

    I'd like to try out the snow foam and compare it with the one I usually use, the APC is great stuff too but I was not that excited about the T&G gel. I felt it did very little on the areas we tried it on, granted they were heavily soiled?
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    Thanks for the honest feedback, glad to hear you like the glass cleaner. Our APC is highly concentrated too so you don't need a lot, depending on the soiling and job in hand a little goes a long way in terms of dilution ratio.

    The tar & glue remover gel is a "mild formula" more suited to cars that have been ceramic coated and have durable protection and don't want something that is too aggressive like some tar & glue products can be, our original liquid tar & glue is very fast-acting however it doesn't have the long dwell time.

    In simple terms, if you have a lot of tar build-up use the liquid tar & glue, it's more aggressive and will dissolve tar deposits considerably quicker than the gel version.

    If you have protection on the paint or require long dwell time before the product begins to dry out then I would opt for the tar & glue remover gel. It is a mild formula, it works incredibly well but does need that dwell time to allow the product to dissolve the tar deposits.
  10. Hi @UKChrisT

    Sorry that this is late. My other passion apart from Fireworks / Computers is Car detailing. Coming from Stoke on Trent, i'm sure you are aware i'm on the doorstep of two detailing companies that supply services and products - Autobrite and Signature Group. I've used products from both with differing results and performance.

    My general maintenance wash entails snow foam, wheel cleaner, two bucket wash with grit guard and a drying agent.

    My full on twice a year clean entails the above plus clay bar, fallout remover, tar and glue with a full polish (by hand) and a two coat wax (use many different products from genuine hard carnauba to the more modern paste waxes.)

    I know in your original message you wanted general users but if you are still in the market for testers then drop me a line and i'll gladly help out with some feedback from a slightly different angle. If not now, then feel free to drop me a line if you ever release new products and want them testing.

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    Just thought I’d add a few comments
    Chris kindly sent me a few samples of various product to try and today was the first chance I’ve had to clean both cars in the household
    I’ve tried most big name brand cleaners over the years with varying results but have to say the HD range made light work both inside and out
    From snow foam to quick detailer waterless spray I was very very impressed
    When my samples (which were much bigger than most samples) have finally run out I’ll be trying some other bits from the range
    Thanks Chris, when I’m your way I’ll drop in and you can give my new car the works
    Highly recommended @UKChrisT
  13. I need to stock up and wasnt impressed with my auto finesse collection so looking at new products! Will be looking next pay day!!
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    You won’t regret it
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    Thanks for the feedback mate, we have invested a small fortune into the products and the development, you'll see a lot of brands simply use rebranded products (CarChem is a popular one...) ours have all been formulated specifically for us which we use ourselves on a daily basis.

    Always working on new products including a new silica paint sealant which should arrive soon.. If your on social media best to follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates https://www.facebook.com/hdvaletinguk/ and https://www.instagram.com/hdvaleting.

    Auto Finesse are ok, without sounding biased you can find equality as good if not better products for much less money. Auto Finesse are very good at branding and marketing and someone has to pay for it.

    For anyone interested, we have 30% OFF at the moment simply use code "BOXINGDAY" excludes the deals section and detailing kits which are already reduced. https://hdcarcare.co.uk
  16. Put my order in!! Might actually clean my car next week then!!
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    Many thanks :)
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  18. Package arrived today!! Very well packed which is good cause my sister nearly dropped it when it was delivered :D
    Air freshner Is very strong!! Will have to wait till the weekend to try everything else out!
    Trying out tyre trim dressing, wheel cleaner, black hole drying towel, bug and insert remover, tar and glue remover, iron falling gel and the chocolate orange quick detailer!!
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    Glad it arrived in one piece - look forward to hearing what you think of them!

    Bug and insect is particularly handy for the summer months with all the fly splats on the bumper!
  20. Managed to clean my car today and the products I used I was more than happy with! The wheel cleaner made my wheels look cleaner than usual, the tar and glue remover worked well and the quick detailer helped give the paint a nice shine!! Very happy customer :)

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