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    Aside from fireworks, I do actually have a full-time job that being I own an independently operated car detailing company HD Valeting & Detailing and our sister company HD Car Care, we develop a custom range of car cleaning products using a chemist with vast knowledge in cleaning science and the automotive industry.

    We generally supply directly to the trade and car detailing enthusiasts however I am looking for individuals whom may not share the same passion or attention to detail but still like to keep on top of their car themselves (i.e not using the local hand car wash!). We are looking for independent feedback on a small range of products, in exchange for the free samples all we ask is that you actively promote the products and give your HONEST feedback on social media.

    We are hoping this will give us a better understanding of what people expect and look for when choosing cleaning products for the car. Particularly the average consumer.

    If you are interested please drop me an email on chris@highdefinitionvaleting.co.uk - perhaps if @Pyro Pete doesn't mind you can leave your feedback on this post.
  2. I’ve not cleaned my car my self in 6 years. I normally do the £10 with Polish lads. However I do miss giving it a clean my self and enjoying that reward. Happy to give it a test and share on likes of Facebook, Instergram and YouTube.
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    Thanks, Pete I have dropped you a private message.

    Here are a few reviews posted on YouTube previously.

  4. What's the difference between this and auto bright which is heavily promoted on Facebook?
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    Good question, it's like most things in retail "rebranding" is a big thing, we don't pretend to formulate products at the warehouse ourselves, for that you need a degree in chemistry and thousands of pounds of equipment, we use a chemist who specialise in automative chemicals and one of very few who do not supply directly to the general public, meaning all our products can only be sourced directly from us.

    I don't like the thought of rebranded products and throwing a label on it, instead I deal with the chemist, they listen to what we want and basically tell us if it's possible or not, we exchange many samples before we finalise a product in fact I must have 100+ samples of different variants and some products that never even make production, I can't comment on other brands but I can confidently say all our products have been developed specifically for us, in some cases a product may already be developed however it's tweaked to what we want, cost of raw materials, solvents, silicone etc make some products quite expensive to produce thus the profit margins aren't as good but it's something we enjoy and from the feedback we've received our customers have really took a shine to the range (See what I did there..!)
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    I'll test some Chris, my Pug needs a detail :)
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    Drop me a PM with your address and contact no I'll arrange for some samples to be sent this week.