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    Thanks for the positive feedback and photos, it certainly makes a difference having all the chemicals for the job!
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    Quick video that one of our customers are currently working on. I'm going to be offering videos of each product in action over the next 12-18 months as I find people often like to see 'first hand' how the product appears/performs.

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  3. I'm really late to it but I'm a snow foam junkie I'm struggling to find a decent foam that produces thick and sudsy have tried a few brands but their more like a layer of white gel . The car rather the snow foam look see below

    Also use decon x on wheels but it's not the turn pink blender any suggestions there
    20191019_155300.jpg IMG_20190630_140935_283.jpg Screenshot_20190512-172644_eBay.jpg IMG_20180602_103120_532.jpg received_2184548878228423.jpeg
  4. Any recommendations for the above deffo appreciated