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    The thing that unites us all regardless of being amateur, pro, consumer or retailer is are love and passion for pyro in its many different shapes and forms. There are very few businesses like the firework industry, where all parties have a shared passion and interest.
    The last couple of months has been strange for everyone and an unknown future which is a nightmare for all.
    But in the last couple of months I’v had some excellent fireworks and service from
    John @ Fireworks South Wales
    Pete @ Powder Keg
    Mark @ Firework Crazy
    It’s fantastic to have such a good relationship between supplier and buyer
    We are all here to help each other out and try and keep the world spinning on it’s axis regardless of Brexit, Covid and any other shit life wants to throw at us !
    Long may it last :).
    I haven’t dealt with any other sponsor , but I’m sure others are doing the same.
    So 2 very simple words