The 2019 firework stash thread

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  1. Cheeky little "NO fireworks this year" stash
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    It is indeed, just waiting an hour and half for this rain to bigger off now then it’s showtime!
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  3. 2019 BFN STASH:

    Cosmic - Martian Attack - x2
    Cosmic - Dooms Day - x5 (3 fused together)
    Cosmic - Power Force - x2
    Cosmic - Comet Blitz - x1
    Cosmic - Sonic Force - x1
    Cosmic - Neutron Bomb - x1
    Cosmic - Scorpion King - x1
    Cosmic - Galactic Raider - x1

    Cosmic - Space Hawks - 7 packs
    Cosmic - Black Gemini - 1 pack
    Cosmic - Space Vipers - 1 pack
    Hallmark - The Boss & The King - 2 packs
    Astra - Sky Probes - 1 pack
    TnT - Sky Pilot - 1 pack

    TnT - Furious 5 - 25 fused together
    TnT - Loud & Clear - 2 Packs
    Cosmic - Star Strobe - 3 packs

    Cosmic - Amazing - x1
    TnT - WoW - x1

    Thing that need collecting on monday:
    TnT - Loud & Clear - 4 packs
    TnT - Firestorm Cake - x4

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  4. Sonny Bonny stash. Big thanks to fireworks superstore, galactic fireworks, Arctic.
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    Well, fired this lot tonight using my newly acquired 32 cue system from @K9Girl and everything worked a dream - all 32 cues fired as intended. :)

    Had some trouble though with a selection box and a few other small bits that I had secured to a pallet. Had fused them to all go off, one after the other from a single cue. The cue fired Ok and the first half of the pallet fired fine, but then the second half failed to fire. I wonder if my foil was wrapped too tight around the fuse as even when I tried hand lighting it, it struggled to ignite properly....:confused:

    But all in all, a great success.


    On a side note - can someone advise how I dispose of these few bits and pieces (probably around 5 small bits + a medium sized fanned cake) which didn’t ignite?
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  6. Pablos pyro

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    Absolute - Manic miner has deafened me tonight! :p:p:D:D:p:p:D:p
  7. Wow love this...where all the cosmic gear come from?
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  8. i have a main cosmic supplier near me, its in crews hill enfield, they have all fireworks at halfprice of RTP, they also sell nightstar and hallmark at half price of RTP
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    Where abouts is this I’m from London area
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  10. North london, crews hill enfield, they are selling in the car park of Spring Time Nurseries
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    Cheers might take a look
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    The Mrs when she finds the itemised firework bill
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    Yip LOL
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    Always wish i lived nearer pather when i see your stash pic :D
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  15. How did it go?
  16. Pablos pyro

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    Show was great, didn’t get all the pieces out that I wanted too but the 40 or so pieces we did were real good. Stand out cakes were the vivid ones, absolute’s manic miner. Brightstar juggernaut compound was excellent and the Zeus-crown 500 was a good little cake too, absolute - fireflies was at 30m but could have been at 40m if i were to do it again, still a bit of debris felt at 30m. Good comments from everyone though. My cheap Chinese wireless firing system fired everything but one cake so wasn’t bad but can see me investing in something more reliable in the next year or too. Oh and the candle racks all went off together as planned :D. Fired 2 Zeus - fireflies, 2 standard - spectrums, 2 kimbolton - jumping jelly beans and jumping jelly beans is still a winner for me with fireflies very close but the spectrum didn’t preform as well as the other two. So to tomorrow night now to fire some more stuff and make room for next year. :cool:
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  18. I might be able to get a glimpse from Overtown :cool:
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  19. This year's stash ... Went abit mental with the rockets and only got a few wee cakes and one to keep the Mrs happy :rolleyes: big thanks to @Fireworks Shop and @Epic Fireworks

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  20. Cheers it’s probably the most we have collected this year lol and it’s good to know there’s people like us close by that knows there fireworks, don’t know how many folk that tell me to go to cambusnethan for them, like no!!!! I actually stay up the Craig and see the amount of people who moan on the Facebook community, they drive me insane so I told arctic guy yesterday to start lighting more and more: my bad
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