The 2021 fireworks stash thread & Chris Allen Flash Your Stash Competition

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  1. 9 hours drive... was it worth it? Hell yes. Big thanks to John @Fireworks South Wales for looking after me today. Such a lovely fella and of course unbeatable prices. My go to guy for pyro.

    Will likely post another stash pic to lay it out properly.

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  2. WR3_Pyro

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    Glittering ghost always amazes me, it must be the smallest looking firework for the biggest sky covering effect. All these stashes are getting me EXCITED :eek:
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  3. Lovely stash, china star is one of my favourites ❤
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  4. Cheers buddy. Yes always a favourite of mine. Punches well above its weight
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  5. Daveandkate

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  6. WR3_Pyro

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    @Daveandkate when it arrives and Iv spent god knows how many hours arranging it :D yours?!?

    @MRSARGENT12 I didn’t know John still had china stars, hmm :rolleyes:
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  7. Daveandkate

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    Next week @WR3_Pyro
    Booked Kate a train ticket just in case I need more room
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  8. @WR3_Pyro he had a Box of them earlier mate.
  9. Joe Ciabatti

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    Are they decent? I've had one stashed away I think three years now, but never got round to firing it. Im not a big lover of white strobe though, so that might be why
  10. I personally think its brilliant cake. I wouldn't pay 49 quid for it now though lol.
  11. mike hadley

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    When china star could be had for 20 ish squids was a bargain but much better fireworks out there now for the money it costs unless u have freinds in high places :cool:
    The red and white strobing was one absolutely unreal effect , never really found anything that competes with it at all , always been in a class of its own one of my all time favourite cakes
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  12. I love meso sphere too, which is the blue version with flying fish both amazin cakes.
  13. BarnOwl

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    Then defo keep it and use it as storage for stuff, Xmas decorations etc. Then when you see that face on the box, you will always be reminded (when its confined to history) of how good that barrage box was...
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  14. BarnOwl

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    Yes the box does look very small when compared with those other Celtic beasts. I have a Glittering Ghost for the first time this year. Looking forward to seeing it do its stuff..
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  15. hofnerite

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    Is it 25mm? I always assumed it was 30mm with the size of those bursts.
  16. To me it doesn't look any different to the other Celtic 'trident' style fans ?? I'll check later as Iv got chemical romance, triple blaze and glittering ghost for this year


    Ignore me it's twinkle toes not glittering ghost
  17. Pyro Pete

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    :cool: This made me laugh. Hardcore stash building!
  18. BarnOwl

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    It's 30mm yes. Still not a small piece by any stretch, but just looks it next to those others.
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  19. BarnOwl

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    Celtic are one of the masters of the 'trident' style/shaped barrages. Add also Triple Crown, Stealth Rising etc - all truly incredible sky filling fireworks!
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  20. WR3_Pyro

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    Mike you won’t be disappointed, it’s a great piece and I am always surprised it’s not in more stashes, maybe because of the spread and garden constraints.
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