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  1. Reminds me off this!

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  2. brilliant. Only bettered by his take on Brexit voters! :canofworms::deadhorse:

  3. after the 'incident'
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  4. K9Girl

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    Doesn’t seem harsh to me, factual and too the point. Unlike pretty much all of the Govt advice ;)
  5. Dayle Ward

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    Local high school has a staff member thats tested positive for covid, advice from the school undrr advice from PHE is that the front row of her class have to isolate as a precaution. But only the front row. What about the kids in the front that have then mixed with those further back at breaktime/lunchtime? Surely it should be the whole class? The mind boggles
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  6. It's a great example of tokenism dressed up as risk management.

    This whole pandemic and the govt's response has been an exercise in managing perceptions rather than the risks at hand. That isn't helped by people like Cummings being involved and getting in the way of the scientists on COBRA. I won't make this too political but I know a guy who was asked to come into the Brexit negotiation team by a former colleague who was consulting for the govt and he told my mate that no-one had the faintest idea what they were doing and it was totally amateurish - all about playing politics rather than understanding and managing outcomes and risk. It's the same here.

    From the start it's been about what you can get away with rather than professional risk assessment and mitigation. Your example is a classic of that ... need to be seen to do something so let's say it's those people that need to isolate and that should look like we've got a plan in place. Shambles.
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  7. not wishing to politicise this any further than the number of Covid deaths shows - all of which should be laid firmly at the door of mr johnson, i personally hope he wakes each night in a cold sweat thinking of each one.


    here s a speech he made as the outbreak began to take its toll -

    Elderly sent back to care homes from hospital without covid test? how the *uck would any sensible person see that ending well?

    that is only one point from a very long list.

    Cateby wasnt that wrong? :cool:
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  8. For clarity we should also refrain mentioning jacob rees mogg Somerset Capital Management advice to investors that covid could be a nice little earner..

    swerve Zac Goldsmith unelectable but now in the upper chamber, close mate of carrie symonds...

    ignore Michael Green, Corinne Stockheath and Sebastian Fox = who you may recognise as Grant Shapps.

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  9. in groups of less than six and from no more than two households. unless one is visiting ones favourite hostelry and making a handsome donation to the exchequer.....
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  10. Dodgey

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    I've been fairly supportive of our government so far, trying to handle an unprecedented scenario, but that support is quickly evaporating. This really is a shambles. The truly last straw for me was being told by our crime minister that we should dob our neighbours in for breaking the 6 limit. It's truly shameful. What a time we are living through!

    I feel the law was created to give the cops proper authority to break up all the partying under 25's ,but, pressured by the media to define the exact terms of every possible scenario ("mingling" with passers by on the street, for example) they have backed themselves into a corner with this "rule of 6" and it has consequently become a bit of a monster.

    Our government needs to start being firm and decisive and stick to their guns, and give up trying to appease the media at every turn. So many u turns after so many "outcries"
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  11. scoops

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    Typo of the year or perfect play on words..

    I've just got back from testing centre after 2 days of trying to drop in before the 8am start. I got there at 6am and there was still a cue waiting but sons tested now. They only have 50 spare tests a day for walk ins and they're allocated to first to que!!!!!
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    2nd typo of the year, maybe?

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  13. deans6571

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    ...just for the record, cue, as in waiting in line, is spelt, 'queue'.

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  14. Dodgey

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    Just had a lift with a mate who has two kids and his school have told him, and all the parents, if their kids have any symptoms of a cold or flu they must remove them from school and get them tested, and then return them if they pass. They have been very specific that any symptoms, of ANY cold or flu like illness, must result in a test. And yet, the Govt. are telling people to stop abusing the testing system and only test for Covid symptoms, and NOT cold symptoms. You just can't win. He knows full well he'll be looking after them again soon as most kids get colds in the winter from school.

    One child at his school coughed 3 times in one lesson. Send home and not allowed back until tested. No other symptoms, no more coughing after the 3 coughs.

    In fairness, its not just the Government, it's everybody! :) (and no huge surprise getting a test is tough)
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  15. blackbat

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    Several schools in my area have had year groups sent home for 14 days due to cases in the schools.
  16. deans6571

    deans6571 Supports UKFR son's school has done the same - today they've sent the whole of Year 7 (not his year thankfully) home to isolate for 14 days because a student has a family member who has tested positive for COVID. They're now trying to establish if the student himself has also contracted the virus.
  17. Glad to have even a partial convert but, man, you're late to the party! :)
  18. Dodgey

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    Well, in fairness, it's a new situation for everybody, and I thought they handled it rather well up until recently. Now, well, some tough decisions need to be made, and one of them is not "protect lives at ANY cost".
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  19. Jon

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    I think there is an outbreak of selfishness in this country. Sunday night on the local news they were interviewing random people on the beach about their thoughts on meeting of 6. Most of the replies were "Oh but that means I can't meet up with my friends", "I am young and therefore less likely to be affected so I shouldn't count".....etc. no one seems to be prepared to take responsibility if it means they loose something in the process temporarily. It's the old I am alright Jack mentality.