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  1. Anyone know when footage of this will be dropped? Is it going to be worth it for the price or quite boring with 10 minutes of similar not so big effects. What Y'all think?
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    I don't know the specs but if it's 3x4 cake compounds then it could be up to 12kg nec so 1.2kg per minute is still going to be pretty good.It looks a bit dodgy to me though i mean one compound has a higher risk of misfiring so asking people to connect the 3 together themselves must increase the chances.

    I think it'll be more appealing to someone who has a few thousand to spend and wants minimum setup, i doubt many people on here would go for it.
  3. Personally i would be interested in seeing how many people (if any) would go for such a product at this price when at £1000 one could purchase a decent sized professional (cat4) display with larger, more spectacular effects so, to cut a long story short, i dont think it would be worth even trying
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  4. I just wanna see it i'm bored at work looking for this years Pyro:chair:
  5. I think it’s more of a ‘halo’ product, something to get people talking about ‘Brothers’ again. Not a half bad way of doing it either.
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  6. IMO Brother where very a while ago but don't see many great pieces anymore. I brought a King rocket and left it till last and was very disappointed as i thought it would be better than the Fire Work King Destroyers but it was far from it especially with the price difference.
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    To answer the OP - I think it's a ridiculous size and price point but someone will buy it. Someone with more money than sense that walks into a shop and wants the biggest firework available.

    As for Brothers - 5-6 years ago 90% of my display was Brothers. Now the only piece I'd buy is Angel Dust. They haven't kept pace with the new companies that have appeared in recent years and they have put a lot of people off by hosting demos that don't reflect the landed product.
  8. They should of called it The Logistical Nightmare ......
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    Yes the old brothers was decent gear, powerful, big bursts and good effects but they seem to have lost something or the new companies have just overtaken them.
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  10. All the good fireworks made by Brothers have gone and the range now is very poor to what it once was, a real shame as they made some really good fireworks in the past.
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    I've fired 2 original open fires recently and a fire1 , the open fire were fired alongside Celtic nebula storm and tequila sunrise, the brothers pieces were at more powerful with bigger bursts.
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    Not all that surprising as those Celtic are 25mm and the Brothers 30mm.
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    Yea but is the brothers 1.4g?
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    Originals were 1.3g I believe, open fire did come back in mesh though.
  15. Only ever rated Golden Eye and Blue Blitz. Gotta be 7+ years since I last bought anything Brothers. What with Magnum, Celtic, Jorge, the great old BS blowout before CE, Cube, Jigsaw, Sovereign, and now with the likes of Vivid, Prestigious, Zeus, Pyroshow... anyone buying or selling a Brothers mega compound... well... they're a different customer to me... that's all I can say.
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  16. I think those two items were 1.3g

    We used to stock and sell a lot of Brothers, they did and still do some nice pieces, but a lot of retailers have turned away from them, I believe due to a couple of factors.

    One being the issue of quality or perceived quality.

    Items shown at demos not being at all like those that arrived. This has already been noted above, however I have to say the majority of the time the products are as good if not better, and all brands have this issue sometimes. We all know the Chinese video vs UK video scenario. It’s no different. And brothers know there was an issue here, so this year their demo was in Jan / Feb and all the products fired were from current stock not Chinese samples.

    A reduction in quality over time, the king being a prime example. We noticed a huge drop in quality last year (as others have said above) in these and have now decided not to stock them anymore. We used to sell hundreds of not thousands of them so it’s a big product to pull, Another was the destiny wheel. Originally 90 seconds we had a customer contact us last year saying they’d been reduced to 45 seconds, but we’d not been told and the price had remained the same, it makes us as a retailer look bad!

    The last one is discounting and greed.

    The brand has been devalued by heavy discounts over the years, good for you consumers (is it?) but not good for us retailers, it’s compounded by the fact that brothers themselves decided to start their own retail operation, which I don’t have an issue with as many importers have their own retail operations, what I do take issue with is them undercutting their own resellers and heavily discounting new lines, where’s the incentive for retailers to invest in new lines if people can buy it cheaper direct or if price matching means taking a hit on profits and margins. Yes it happens with the occasional line here and there but not a complete range.

    I’ll be honest with you all. I used to spend upwards of £100,000 a year with Brothers, this year that’s dropped to £20,000 and could half again if I can’t negotiate the prices I need to maintain the margins needed to make the business sustainable.

    Many have pointed out above that the brand isn’t as good as it used to be and I believe the issue here is that Brothers have allowed the devaluation of the brand through heavy discounting and undercutting their own resellers. If this has lead to a drop in revenue then there’s not going to be as much money in the pot for development. And this is where my (is it) comment comes from above.

    Big discounts for you guys mean you save a few ££, but in the long run it could see a huge reduction in sales / import and subsequent investment in new lines.

    The above is my own analysis and opinion but one that I don’t think I’m alone on in the retail world.

    As for angel dust. We’ve got a new alternative this year. More shots and the same price if not cheaper.

    Will be available soon!
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    A similar story to that of Standard/Black Cat really. Chinese micro managing and failing to grasp reality.
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    Great post @Firework Crazy however I wonder if lower prices generate a higher turnover of product? I presume that being able to order in larger quantities would reduce the purchase cost per item but regardless the manufacturers must be better-off overall? In any case the launch of Brother's 'Sky Crafter' range suggests that even Brother's themselves are aware of the devaluation occurring.
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    Fascinating post.
    Thanks for the honesty, I thought some of this may be the case. Didn't a brummy super store get a lot of their stuff in?

    Absolutely they are overtaken by other brands now, chiefly primed, celtic, hallmark, vivid and Kalsek. The market is very crowded and someone like Saj for example who operates alone can bring in fabulous own line product-I am sure people here would rather have that build and effect quality offered by this route, even if it meant potentially paying more, though prices of prestigious and other similar stuff are very reasonable and by no means expensive and more than compete with anything else, with added quality

    On another note, I would rather have the quality and pay a little more (but with a discount from the sponsor-it doesn't have to be a ludicrous price reduction).

    Anyway, its sad about brothers and their business model sounds ridiculous-to undercut old customers for the sake of quick gain cash grabbing.

    How is fireworks crazy (the cake) these days-was always good.
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    £99.99 rrp compared to similar, equally as good cakes between £70 and £75.........

    (Nice cake, but £1.00 per shot for 20mm..)