The Illuminated Stopwatch Problem

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  1. Every year I have the same problem, I have 3 rows of Cakes all laid out, along with 3 firers, each row has about 30 cakes . etc, all to set of at the correct time.

    I just cant find a stop watch that is illuminated (without pressing a button)

    Previous years we rely on a torch to shine on our hand held stop watches, but we need a better solution.

    Yes I know we could go remote firing etc, but we like to light em up with a rothers ;) and being there in the middle of all hell breaking loose is something that is rather good :)

    Can any one help please, I have searched Ebay and Amazon, even tried to import some last year, 2 months before the display but went missing from China, and then they never existed in the first place :(

    ideas would be appreciated
  2. I phone?
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  4. the waterproof ebay ones look perfect :)
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    I would think running off a CR2032 the backlight might be a press to illuminate for a short while sort of thing (rather than on or off all the time) and it's described as "auto backlight".
  7. Most phones have a stopwatch or timer. Set the screen time out to exceed the length of your show. Pop the phone into a close fitting clear bag and clip the bag to a clipboard along with your cue sheet, job done
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    And then let the boss ring you in the middle of the show....
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    'auto backlight' suggested to me you would not have to keep a button pressed but I guess only buying one would tell :confused:
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    I've ordered one of the above, will let you know what it does when it arrives :)
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    Airplane mode;)
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  13. I Ordered 3x of the Waterproof Ebay ones, they arrived this morning. (

    No use as they don't display seconds, a Timer going up in 1 minutes :(

    Right next up will be waiting for Madfish and his Bike clock ;)
    THe Illumination needs to be on for the duration of the display,
    Reading the wording it says, it wakes up the light when moving :) so should be good and also the digits look like it also shows seconds !!! we could be onto a winner here !!!

    Yes phones have stop watch apps, but we are wearing flame proof gloves and a stop watch is cheaper to replace ;)
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    Make one. Can be done for a tenner each and that’s with wireless built in and oled display. wireless would be used to sync the start of all stop watches at the same time. Have a master with slaves.

    In fact i’ll put one together this week. Battery life would be measured in months when in use and significantly more if powered off at the end of the evening.
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    Would love to see a tutorial. I want a show clock for my Cobra command centre but like @Brian the Snail just can't find one that fits all my needs.
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    If you have a tablet running alongside the 18R2 in your command Center does that not have a timer on it ?
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    Yes Cobra Control panel has a script timer on it. I meant more of a clock - 24hr LED display lit, so could either show the time or a countdown to the start of the display.
    I've seen similar in theatre production but probably mains powered.
    Something like this....
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