Rocket The Nuts By Brothers

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  1. the nuts packaging.jpg
    RRP: £49.99
    Category: CE Cat3
    hazard: 1.3G
    Pack of 5

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  2. Another video for comparison, this was filmed at the southern demo night.

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  3. ambientskies

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    Love the 0:22 & 0:45 :cool:
  4. Essex Fireworks

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    Well let's see here what's the neq of these as with an rrp of£59.99 it's going to be hard to beat the air hawk at £29.99 ???
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  5. hofnerite

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    I wish they sold these as singles. The long lasting glittery one and the green strobe look great. Which effect is the one with the biggest ball head?
  6. Essex Fireworks

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    Well let's see how good they are when they go on sale to the general public but still think hard to beat a hawk and the price not going to be cheap knowing brothers ??
  7. The green strobe is the largest, 4 inch. The two 3 inchers are the best. Although I'd like to see the full pack of the Jorge ball heads, they're smaller in terms of inches, but you get 8 rockets and I recall one of them fired at the demo had a stupidly large break.

    Of course don't forget, it's not about the size, it's how you use it.
  8. I fired a pack of these at NYE, along with some Hawks & Pigs/Cows.

    Agree with @Rotherham Fireworks, the 3 inchers were the best, and I thought outclassed the Hawks/Pigs/Cows, but Joe public were unwilling to pay the extra near me. (unfortunately for them)
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  9. The biggest rocket in the pack is the best in my opinion, the Martian storm, a cool effect of like green flashing lights was what I saw when it burst. Took me by surprise as to how good that rocket actually is. The best and coolest rocket I've seen. Worth buying the pack just to see the Martian storm.
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  10. I have added these to a l;ittle order that I am picking up next week, looking forwards to seeing them! :)
  11. I got these from @Blackpool Fireworks , fired for new years eve 2019/2020 - so technically rhe early seconds of 2020! Mentioned above they sold less well than cheaper rockets, I agree it's a shame.

    They physical look of them is unique, they are very top heavy and that doesn't make a difference in flight though, but the big ball head is quite a good attention point for people which is why i saved them for new year. The "funny look" was a good starter before wefired.
    performance was superb, we didn't notice such a diffrence in volume between the "biggest" ones and the smallr, but there was quite a differnce in the size of the bursts, we found that the one that sort of spreads out, the goldenwas themost popular. the one that goes up at 0:37 in the video on this thread from @Firework Crazy I think.

    As always they are much better in the flesh than in the footage - not a critisc of you guys who have shared the video, but you know what I mean. video can't really capture the size of the bursts, and the noise.

    Recommended especially for New Year.
  12. Fired the last one New Years Eve 2020 , totally impressed.
  13. They are great rockets when you can get them for the right price, I got mine from latifs, £59.99 for 2 packs as a buy one get one free. The 4" is actually a 2.5" packaged with saw dust inside the thin 4" hemis, it appears to break a bit bigger than the others, that said its a strobe effect, the stars burna bit longer
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  14. paul s

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    I can see half an argument for over packaging of individual rockets (or cakes), but when it’s done in a multi pack :mad:

    Daft thing is, the product holds its own without the need for deception.
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  15. Agreed, it is deceptive, but mabey because the effect is perceivabley a bit bigger than the 3", the over dressing is to give the impression to the regular consumer it is "the bigger one the you light last", or at least that would be my argument as the manufacturer/seller of these.
    Unfortunately a lot of window dressing gose on, but us pyro foke can just read the NEC to determine if it is in fact a big effect or value for money
  16. I'm fairly sure that the nec is much higher on the bigger one though, so even if it is made to look a bit more than it is, it still IS the biggest rocket in the set.

    In honesty too I think the "balls" them is part of the gimmick, so that is why they are enlarging them a bit maybe!