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  1. RRP £180
    NEC 2.2KG
    10 25MM CAKES
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  2. Really liked the 3rd one (i think) it looked more like 30mm, noticeably bigger bursts than most of the others.
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  3. No. 1 = 16 Shots of silver tail white strobe super crown, red tail double string crown

    No. 2 = 16 Shots of green tail purple green star spider king, green tail green star silver asparagus

    No. 3 = 16 Shots of blue tail water blue super crown, red tail red green star coco

    No. 4 = 16 Shots of red tail red star gold spider, red tail red star silver crackle

    No. 5 = 20 Shots of green tail green strobe super crown,red tail red strobe super crown, purple tail purple star gold chrys.

    No. 6 = 20 Shots of red tail red wave white strobe, yellow tail purple wave green strobe, green tail purple green star w/chrys flower

    No. 7 = 20 Shots of green tail green star gold strobe, blue tail red strobe coco, red tail red star crackling

    No. 8 = 10 Shots of chrysanthemum mine to chrysanthemum burst

    No. 9 = 10 Shots of super crown mine super crown burst

    No. 10 = 40 Shots of green tail green star red strobe, blue tail blue star silver crackle, green tail green star white strobe, red tail red strobe gold spider, silver tail silver crackle

    Hope that helps :chair:
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  4. paul s

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    Some firework effect descriptions require serious intelligence, or imagination, to understand. o_O
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  5. I know right especially at 7am. ;)
    The video helps to translate though, why cant we just have a universal language when it comes to pyro, i mean what the hell is asparagus?? Lol
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