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  1. While in conversation over the phone regarding firework use I came to a conclusion. Where my brother lives most weekends it's a norm for bangs in the night from firework use and given the area and ethnicity and diversity in the area page no one complains of noise or use of fireworks other than they were good or where they came from. Now where I live demographically older and most part British white well off middle class the sound of a bangs gets the antis going. My question is to you all is will the complaints we get simply die out as the older population lessen or is it a class thing and background race measured to the acceptance of firework use pets ect included ?.
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    Nothing to do with any of that.

    Social media gives a voice to those that never had one before.

    Social media then reinforces their opinion. You get herd/group think very quickly on social media - along with virtue signalling - you'll get people jumping on board and winding themselves up with anger simply because those they are following on social media do too.

    This is most likely why in areas that have fireworks for cultural / relegious reasons they are accepted easily and not moaned about. Not enough people are moaning on social media, so there is no group think to join in with. No virtues to signal as too many people are OK with it. No one likes being the odd one out.

    Likewise, for example, in my area, there are no facebook community groups - and somewhat unsurprisingly, everyone loves it when I let off fireworks. But I'll bet if there was an active facebook group and one person was loud in their complaints, others would soon join in. "you are right - how dare they?"

    We have one firework hater in the village itself - mile down the road - (well, 2 actually) but they carry no weight and no one pays them attention (I wind one fof them up for fun here and there - they have poorly trained dogs) - but our community is limited in all practicality by the pub social scene. Put those two people in an impersonal facebook group and they'd soon gather traction from bored people wanting something to join in with.

    FABs facebook page is a super concentrate of this phenomenon.

    We also now have a well documented cancel culture, and fireworks are a super easy target - not helped by the massive uptake in dog ownership and lack of understanding re. dog training. Our culture that is supposed to be super tollerant is becoming very intollerant of anything that doesn't suit us individually.
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    It’s also compounded by the ‘necessary’ argument.

    Is it necessary to use fireworks for celebrations?
    Is it necessary to eat meat?
    Is it necessary to have a V8 petrol?
    Is it necessary to fly several times a year?
    Is it necessary to spend x on y when people are starving?

    You know what, life is what you make it and enjoyment goes along way (if this pandemic has taught us anything). People need to start standing up for themselves and what they enjoy before the ravenous cancel/anti everything brigade take every last inch of your enjoyments and frivolities.

    Fed up of people trying to coach others on how to be the ‘best’ person ever, whilst being utterly miserable inside - which is how it spreads so quickly between herds of weak-minded people who can’t think for themselves.
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    All across society in every area thanks to social media there is now an official opposition to everything.
    We are in the middle of a pandemic and yet there are the anti-vaxxers, the anti-maskers, the anti-lockdowners, the COVID is a hoax brigade...
    Before social media these people would have been told to STFU and they'd go away and not mention it again. But now they have a platform to find each other and like Dodgy says above - they spout their rubbish in an echo chamber full of others who either believe the same or who are easily influenced. So the BS continues.

    Same with the anti-firework brigade. They are ill-informed, they don't understand what they are campaigning for and continually ignore the evidence and official government position which is based on that evidence.
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  6. Yes I agree to social media platforms ect .however my brothers local one has any anti pyro complaints trodden out by the I enjoyed it thankyou brigade . I see a compound fired by the met firearms training ground literally across the cordon. Nye day driving on his estate compound cakes in the street I dont encourage or support however pyro is being shot every saturday same last night
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    Facebook = The mother of all evil.

    imo of course.
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    I think the backlash against those moaning on social media has had an effect, which is good to see and it seems it has had an effect on the FAB petitions.

    April 2019 = 307,897 sigs
    Nov 2019 = 305,579 sigs
    Jan 2021 = 294,861 sigs (with two days to go)

    Looks like year on year Julie Doorne is getting less people involved, which when you consider how many hours her and her mates spend on Facebook spamming tens of thousands of groups, and cajoling people, charities and organisations in joining their cult, it's quite hilarious to see less and less people actually supporting her bullshit. People are getting sick of the moaning and are starting to become very aware that FAB are barking up the wrong tree with their hands-over-their-ears campaigning.

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    I find consideration goes a long way. Not all the way though. As much as I'd love to fire foreworks when ever I want too being courtious like 6pm on bfn goes a long way with 'normal' people who then feel no reason to complain. A number of us this year reported still being harassed by the Karen's even though they gave notice ect
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