Cake/Barrage The Vampire Hunter Compound

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  1. In this video, I fire a Vampire Hunter compound cake from Epic Fireworks. The 158 shot compound was truly incredible and gave a fantastically varied performance which far surpassed all expectations. Right from the off, five shots fire simultaneously giving sky-filling bursts, and the array of diverse colour and effect type was both exciting and refreshing. The firework had a perfect pace, very bright effects, no pauses between cakes and was spectacular all-round. NEC count 1801.2g.

    Category: F2

    Hazard Class: 1.3g

    Bore size: 25mm

    NEC: 1801.2g

    RRP: £499.99 (Available for £200)

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    I quite like that... good timings, clean and consistent.
  3. That was stunning TBF! I thought it was one of the best pieces we fired that night too.
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