The Welsh are at it now.

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    Absolutely. Fireworks are a really odd thing if you think about it -

    Those who are in a position to ban them get all their information from people who have never used fireworks or understand what they are or any consequences of a ban.
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  2. Somethings going on here in the background. It can’t be a coincidence that several councils have been taking this approach.

    Someone somewhere is stiring this up.
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    totally agree
  4. It takes little effort for protest groups to lobby every council in the land - especially with the cash rich RSPCA on their side.
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  6. Problem is the councils are being fed miss-information. It reads as though the RSPCA are saying they've had 400 complaints for that area. Are the councils being told it's 400 complaints country wide for and that the percentage is 0.0036% of the calls they receive.
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  7. Definitely, A lot of councils are having the same debate in the Northwest
  8. Yep, someone is definitely writing to all these councils or councillors. I think the BFA needs to get their act together and get a statement sent to every council.

    I'm sure minutes of every meeting have to be published. I'll see if I can track them down.
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  9. it must make a statement on its own that all these councils have been lobbied at the same time

    @AF Pyro

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    They're all asking for almost exactly the same thing, it's obviously an rspca driven initiative.They've lobbied the gov for years with no success so now they're trying local councils in the hope that a load of letters from councillors might sway the gov.
  11. I'm currently trying to find out what meeting this was discussed at as the minutes are all published and at present, I can't find any mention of this in any of the published meetings.

    The letters, what's said etc are all public record.

    I will find out where it's coming from.
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    The minutes for Welwyn Hatfield on 7th January just say the following:

    The Council considered the following notices of motions submitted under
    Procedure Rule 16:-
    36.1. The following motion had been submitted by Councillor M.Cowan and was
    seconded by Councillor H.Quenet:-
    The Council consented to Councillor Cowan altering his motion by replacing
    “require” with “encourage” in the first part and deleting “for public display” in the
    last part.
    “This Council resolves:-
    - 7 -
    7 January 2020
    • to encourage require all public firework displays within the local authority
    boundaries to be advertised in advance of the event, allowing residents to
    take precautions for their animals and vulnerable people
    • to actively promote a public awareness campaign about the impact of
    fireworks on animal welfare and vulnerable people–including the precautions
    that can be taken to mitigate risks
    • to write to the UK Government urging them to introduce legislation to limit the
    maximum noise level of fireworks to 90dB for those sold to the public for
    private displays
    • to encourage local suppliers of fireworks to stock ‘quieter’ fireworks.” for
    public display.
    On being put to the meeting there voted:-
    FOR the Motion – 36
    AGAINST the Motion – 9
    And the Motion was declared CARRIED.
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    Doorne >>>> FAB>>>>>Vets>>>>>RSPCA>>>>>Local Councils.

    Let's face it, Vets are well in bed with the horsey brigade (for obvious, financial reasons) and it seems logical that vets and RSPCA are going to be singing from the same song sheet.
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    What I don't get about the RSPCA is why they are they concentrating their efforts in an area where a tiny amount of animals are affected ( anything up to 400) when they could be stopping the suffering of literally hundreds of thousands of animals in other ways.
    How many of those 400 animals died? Probably another tiny proportion.. maybe in single figures? Maybe none!

    They can bring all the fur baby cuddles with fluffy animal crap up all they like. What matters is statistics.

  15. These are the same motions, word for word put to Manchester City Council from one Councillor. :confused:
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  17. Yes, but I want to see the letter they’ve received that’s encouraging them to put forward these motions.

    As it’s probably full of untruths and bullshit statistics. Councils and councillors do not like being played and once proved they won’t be very happy!
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  18. I’m also sure that there is legislation that prohibits this sort of en-mass abuse of the system.
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    @Firework Crazy I shared a link in another thread to an RSPCA webpage that finds your councillor from your postcode and emails them a suggested motion.