Thoughts on the FireFly Bluetooth system?

Discussion in 'Firing Systems And Fusing Fireworks' started by Richyc, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. Richyc

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    Anyone checked out the 15 channel (hobbiest) firing system from FireFly? Wondered what people's thoughts are on it..

    I like the idea of the reusable talans (all be it not instant) and the fact it uses your tablet and an app to control the firing, also has auto sync to music which is cool.

    Not sure about the 3.5m type phone jack connection?! :confused: And only really good for one central firing position.

    I'd be more interested if you could link 4 or 5 boxes up together wirelessly and change the talons to matches :)

  2. Richyc

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    Closer look it's not a phone jack, more of a standard 3mm power connector.

    Should be easy to knock up some longer wires with ematches

  3. PyroAsh

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    There will be a way around it, but the app isn't available in the UK.
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  4. Richyc

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    I had the same problem with a few apps for the dji drone.. you can change your tabs default region to US to get round it ;)

    Just installed it, some pics
    IMG_5383.PNG IMG_5384.PNG IMG_5385.PNG
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  5. Any idea of cost?, with the choice of systems about atm this would have to be cheap to reflect it's limitations.
  6. Richyc

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    $224 excluding shipping and taxes by the look.
  7. Check out our system again! We've added the ability to link up to 6 units simultaneously and will have a European dealer very soon! (based in Germany) to save ya'll some shipping costs!
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    Thanks for joining, can you contact me if you wish to continue to self-promote here, as you would need to be a paying advertiser to do this :) (Perfectly fine for members to continue to discuss BTW, it’s just self-promotion and commercial posting about own products we don’t allow).
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  9. djburnside

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    This seems an interesting system

    It would be interesting to know whether it can fire multiple modules simultaneously, the time in between firing cues and if traditional igniters would work?